Medical Education Commission to determine seats in medical colleges


June 7, 2018: Medical Education Commission will now determine the seats in medical colleges from the upcoming year. The Commission had written a letter on Jestha 16 to Nepal Medical Council urging it not to determine seats in medical college for the upcoming academic year. At present, the Medical Council is determining the seats in the medical colleges. From the upcoming year the Commission has informed that it will itself determine the seats in the medical colleges.

In the letter sent to the Nepal Medical Council by the Medical Education Commission, references were given to the Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences and Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences.

In the letter signed by the Secretary of the Commission Mr. Lal Jung Chauhan, it is said that “In the section 17 subsection 1 of the Medical Education Ordinance it is mentioned that the number of seats in graduate level medical education in any University, Academy and other educational institute will be determined by the Commission. So the Commission requests Nepal Medical Council to stop determining the seats for now.”

~Naya Patrika