MPhil in English

MPhil in English

Master of Philosophy
1 year 6 months

The Master of Philosophy in English (MPhil English) program was initiated by Pokhara University in 2001 and conducted at the IACER,Kathmandu an affiliate institution. This program is the first M.Phil in English program in Nepal. The objective of the MPhil English program is to produce qualified and dedicated academics professing philosophical and theoretical excellence in English language.

The MPhil in English program integrates academic and professional courses to help students explore their passions and discover possibilities of thought that enhance their existing professional careers and inform their academic futures. Fundamentally students would impart philosophical and theoretical knowledge on English, but our focus is to strengthen students in practical skills on related research. The thrust of the program is on development and social engineering where English language is the entry point. The program offer courses in areas such as cultural studies, philosophy, ethnic and identity studies, and international relations, all of which are centered on the core English Studies program.

The program offers interdisciplinary courses that blend traditional inquires with contemporary issues, which inspire the students to engage not only with literary texts but also with immediate and imminent socio-political concerns like globalization, conflict transformations, gender relations, and the environment. In this pursuit, along with regular classes, seminars and guests lectures facilitated by professors from all around the globe expose students to existing debates in world education are regular features of the programs.

Duration of the Program

The MPhil program consists of three semesters and students complete 33 credit hours in 18 months. However, the student is allowed to complete the course in fours from the date of admission. If a student is unable to complete the course within the given duration of four years from the time of admission, the University registration will be annulled.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar consists of two semesters per year. Generally the Fall Semester (August – February) starts in June/July and the Spring Semester (February – August) begins in December/January. These schedules may differ slightly in any particular year.


A Master’s degree in any discipline is eligible for admission in MPhil. Notice for admission is publicly announced for the admission and the required numbers of candidates are selected through an entrance examination, conducted by the constituent School or the individual colleges which offer the program.

Certain scholarships are provided according to Pokhara University rules, both in constituent and affiliated programs.

Curricular Structure

MPhil Course Structure (Duration of 1.5 Academic Years)

The program follows the credit system. Each course is assigned to a certain number of credits depending generally upon its lecture, tutorial and practical work hours in a week. In theory subjects, one lecture per week is assigned to one credit as a general rule and is equivalent to 16 hours lecture in one semester.

The MPhil course comprises a total of 33 credit hours spreading over three semesters with the following disciplinary categories:

  • Art and Literature
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Conflict Transformations
  • Criticism and Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Research Methods
  • Ethnic Identities: Race, Class, Gender
  • International Relations
  • Literature of Conflict and Resistance
  • Nepali Literature in English
  • Popular Culture
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Film Studies

In MPhil program, there are independent study and dissertation options, as well as individualized courses, that give students the freedom and flexibility to follow their personal interests and curiosities.