Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER)

Thapagaon Road, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
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OFFERED PROGRAMS - Pokhara University

Fee: NPR 254,000
Discount: 100% tuition fee waiver to 3 students each semester.

Salient Features

  • Spacious classrooms and learning environment
  • Student counseling
  • Excellent mentors and teaching faculty members
  • Student focused teaching
  • Emphasis on research work

Admission Guidelines

For MA English

  • Shift: Morning classes
  • Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in any discipline

For M.Phil English

  • Shift: Evening classes
  • Eligibility: Master's degree in any discipline


The institution offers merit scholarships. 100% scholarships are available to 3 students in both M.A. and M.Phil. programs.

  • Pokhara University
  • Established 2001 AD
  • private Institution
  • 01-4567528, 01-4571915

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Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER) is located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It was established in February 2001 with the aim of providing advanced research degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with English Studies at the heart of the academic experience.

IACER is committed to fostering a vigorous and distinctive campus community, and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our students’ academic and professional backgrounds. We believe that this diversity enriches the educational experience at IACER, creating a rich intellectual and communal environment wherein we interact with, and learn from, those who possess values, abilities, and opinions that differ from our own.

IACER is the first institution to offer the M.Phil in English program in Nepal, and it also offers a semester-based M.A. in English. IACER understands the academic flexibility is a crucial element in today's global learning environment. It offers an interdisciplinary course that blends traditional inquires with contemporary issues, and students are asked to engage not only with literary texts but also with immediate and imminent socio-political concerns like globalization, conflict transformations, gender relations, and the environment. 

The small class sizes ensure that students get individualized attention in this pursuit, and seminars and guest lectures facilitated by professors from all around the globe expose students to existing debates in world education. IACER is a creative and invigorating space where contemporary issues in the Arts and Social Sciences are debated in and out of the classroom and strives forward for the pursuit of academic excellence and intellectual freedom.

The institute with its very nature of courses provides scholars platforms to develop their area of specialization, instead of opting for specialized graduate programs from the outset. Once equipped with the concepts and methods of Human and Social Sciences, a student can focus on a particular field of study. 

Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER) believes that specialization does not begin with hoodwinking epistemic, pragmatic fields of university education. Furthermore, IACER believes that a student should always be given choices to move from one discipline to another instead of blocking his or her goals and objectives of scholarship.


IACER is committed to providing an interdisciplinary academic experience that transforms students and equips them for a lifetime of learning. We offer students the concepts and tools required to engage with issues of local and global concern and prepare them for professions that are in demand in an increasingly interdependent world.


Master’s program incorporates the study of literature and cultural discourses.  Consequently, students are oriented towards both English Studies and studies of various cultural notables like Race, Ethnicity, Class, Nation, Gender, and Conflict.  M. Phil. program covers wide-ranging topics from the Humanities and Social Sciences which enable them to comprehend the vocabularies, concepts, and methodologies with a wider sense of proportion.  Such interdisciplinarity equips them to carry on disciplinary research of their interest.


IACER is devoted to excellence in writing and research, teaching, and learning to help students push the boundaries of knowledge so that they enable themselves in highly competitive world of professionalism.

IACER will stimulate your intellectual curiosities and challenge you to explore new avenues of thought.