Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

2 years

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Placement Learning offered by NAMI College in affiliation with the globally acclaimed University of Northampton, U.K., is an international qualification much coveted by aspiring managerial professionals.

The distinctive component of this MBA Programme is its Placement Learning which is the knowledge accrued by a student during an agreed and negotiated period of learning that takes place outside the institution at which s/he is enrolled or engaged. It is ascertained that through Placement Learning, the student gains business specific experience as well as transferable skills consequently providing a distinctive advantage over other MBA graduates.

This exclusive MBA curriculum which is rigorous, contemporary, and avant-garde, is designed to cultivate in the graduates, essential competencies like Communication Proficiency, Creativity Flair, Leadership Traits, Emotional Intelligence, Team Working Aptitude, Time Management Expertise, Organizational Abilities, Analytical Reasoning Skills and Prophetic Dexterity, that global employers expect from prospective business executives and leaders.

MBA at NAMI is a satellite management programme from the University of Northampton, UK. The programme is designed and delivered here at NAMI on franchise basis in which our students receive same academic treatment as their counterparts in the UK. The line of polarity in terms of modules, modules delivery, resources, pedagogical strategies, examinations are between UN, UK and NAMI is another fascinating asset for students. Regular visit paid by UN’s professors, scheduled interaction sessions with our faculties and students, joint class delivery system are few other unique academic strengths added to MBA programme.

MBA at NAMI is a unique combination of all management fundamentals, like Marketing; Economics, Accountancy and Finance, Management – Operations, Project, Brand, strategic, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Global Business Development, Social Responsibility of Business, Business Negotiation and so on. These subjects enable students to develop critical insights while doing things in terms with consciously observing, analyzing, reasoning, and evaluating according to proven standards, and at the same time generating and expressing new ideas in the field of business. Our MBA students find a way of combining critical with creative faculties to comprehend various concepts and facts, and achieve problem solving abilities.

Our students complete 180 credits. All these credits are research and project based. At the end, our students will be able to do independent research, carry out projects and participate in all level of management discursive context. With this academic strength, NAMI produces competent and capable global human resources required for management world in the global scale. You will study alongside ambitious graduates and have the opportunity to engage with business professionals from a range of organizations and industries exchanging their experiences, insights and best practice.


Standard entry requirements:

A typical offer would be 55% and above. Applicants whose native language is not English must provide evidence of their English language capability at a level approved by the University. 

All decisions regarding an offer letter are made by the University of Northampton, UK approval.

* Students awaiting results are also encouraged to apply.

Curricular Structure

Course Content

CODE Title Credit
STRM042 Critical Issues in Business 10
HRMM055 Management and Organisational Behavior 20
MKTM028 Strategic Marketing 20
STRM043 Competitive Strategy & Innovation 20
MKTM033 >td >20
FINM036 Financial Decision Making 20
STRM060 International Business Negotiation 20
BSOM046 Managing Operations & the Supply Chain 20
STRM078 Careen Future: Employability Skill 0
STRM066 Organisational Culture & Work Environment and Placement. 30