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Phoenix College of Management (PCM), promoted by Republica International Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd.(RIEF), and affiliated to LINCOLN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE is the intellectual product of the nation’s eminent academicians, distinguished personalities, and prominent dignitaries who visualized a desperate need of a Global Institution that can be deemed not only as the nation’s “Hallmark of Educational Excellence” but which can significantly contribute in its economic growth & prosperity by producing competent entrepreneurs, effective managers, and productive business leaders

Phoenix College of Management offers universally credit transferable 4 years’ BBA and 2 years’ MBA academic programs in affiliation with Lincoln University, a premier university of Malaysia which is accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). The faculty at Phoenix are always in pursuit of new & effective techniques of teaching, training and counseling in order to achieve excellence in their performance. Studies at Phoenix go beyond classroom teaching, reading and discussions. It also includes workshops, role playing, presentations, group discussions, field trips, assignments, seminars, project work and internship as well as other practical experiences that will prepare the students not just for university examinations but for all the major tests of life.

Phoenix endeavours to discharge its responsibility by cultivating, nurturing and mentoring young minds, and by employing the best of human and physical resources. In short, Phoenix forever strives for high quality teaching, outstanding student support, and excellent personal and professional development. Recognizing that working to make the world a better place is an integral part of a comprehensive college education; Phoenix effectively trains the students to strive for academic excellence, besides motivating them to be more creative, productive, responsible and caring individuals, sensitive to the needs of their fellow humans. As Phoenix believes in the development of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit, it encourages its students to take chances, to explore new avenues of expression, and follow a passion. Accelerating changes in our world and in managing organizations demand a focus on preparing for the future, whatever it may hold, as such Phoenix prepares its students for the years to come, by producing visionary business leaders and generating innovative ideas & concepts that empower and improve organizations.


PCM shall develop real contact with the world around it – welcoming, easily accessible and ready for courteous cooperation with different parties. It shall be an attractive, stimulating, creative and equal workplace, characterized by interesting encounters. It shall always promote the belief : “what counts is what you do, and not who you are”


The mission of Phoenix College of Management is to prepare its students for successful productive future, make the world a better place by generating outstanding citizens with high ethical values and moral codes, and give something of value back to the society. To achieve its sublime mission, the college intends to:

Amalgamate academic achievements with character building, sense of discipline and humane touch in the students, besides enthusing a sense of social responsibility, which is an integral part of all learning.

Challenge the students to achieve academic excellence, striving to learn more, to keep learning, and to set the highest possible standards for themselves, all in a nurturing community that focuses on the individual needs of each student.

Be committed to a personal touch, and a higher spiritual approach designed to foster self-assurance and self-esteem.


PCM aims to establish itself as a “hallmark of educational excellence” renowned for its distinctive curricula, academic excellence and outstanding research. Besides offering superior managerial education, it shall always strive to make learning more effective, purposeful and productive. Clearly stated the objectives of PCM are as follows:

Constantly look ahead to keep pace with developing concepts & technology, its policy shall be one of continuously improvement in teaching techniques, and in the presentation and content of study materials.

Recognize that working to make the world a better place is an integral part of a comprehensive college education shall thus offer intellectual and spiritual knowledge to its students, making them highly competent to achieve their specific goals in life.

Effectively train the students to achieve academic excellence, besides motivating them to be more creative, productive, responsible and caring individuals, sensitive to the needs of their fellow humans.

Cultivate entrepreneurial traits in the students and promote all round entrepreneurship

Encourage its students to take chances, to explore new avenues of expression, and follow a passion.

Generate decent human values and ethical behavior in the students.

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Salient features


The classroom teaching is aided with many modern facilities like air-conditioning, internet and intranet connectivity and hi-tech multimedia and audio-visual equipment which set the tone for students to engage in stimulating discussions.

The library is well stocked with the required textbooks and reference books so that students do not need to purchase their own.

E-library, Wi-Fi Network and computer lab is available for students for all computing assignment related works.


As the success of Phoenix’s academic programs depends entirely on its effective implementation and efficient control, the college undertakes continuous evaluation of its students on the basis of their progress and performances in the regular Class Tests, Quizzes, Assignments, Presentation and Practical Demonstrations.


Phoenix has entered into bilateral agreements with renowned national and international business, financial, and industrial houses for necessary internship and placement of its students. During the final semester, students are offered the opportunity of undergoing internship in Nepal or Malaysia.


In order to provide the students with practical and first-hand observation of the industry, various industrial and field visits are arranged in each semester.


Since our focus in on overall development and not limited to classroom learning, we encourage our students to participate in outdoor and indoor events that provide excitement and challenges.

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Admission guidelines


There are two intakes for MBA: March (Spring) Session and September (Fall) Session. The admission for March session starts in January and the admission for September session starts in July.


There is only one intake for BBA in November (Fall) session. The admission starts from September.

The procedure for admission to MBA or BBA is as follows:

1. Fill up Application for Admission Form which is available in the College Front Desk or it can be downloaded from the website of Phoenix College (

2. Along with the Application for Admission Form, you will be provided a sample Entrance Exam. Read the sample Entrance Exam and appear in the Entrance Exam as per your convenience during College hours from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.

3. Your Entrance Exam result will be published the next day and you may collect the Offer Letter which will be valid for a week. Hence you need to take admission within a week.

Scholarship information

Phoenix College of Management provides scholarships to meritorious, needy and deserving students. Scholarships are also granted to students from marginal & under privileged communities and remote areas. Such scholarships are reserved as per the norms & regulations of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Nepal.

  1. Phoenix Fellowship (PF)
    Phoenix Fellowship is a performance based award established to offer financial support to graduating students. Students can apply for PF every year. The fellowship shall be awarded to those who work successfully to become qualified graduates.
  2. Phoenix Talents Scholarship (PTS)
    PTS is awarded to selected students from each program. National talents in the field of sports, music, art, & literature can be considered eligible for such scholarships.
  3. Phoenix Welfare Scholarship (PWS)
    PWS is awarded to needy and deserving students from marginalised and disadvantaged strata of the society. This scholarship is awarded to six students from each faculty and provides financial assistance equivalent to college fee.

Message from College

Binod Bahadur Khatry picture

Dr. Binod Bahadur Khatry


Academic ProfileDr. Binod has over three decades of managerial experience. The notable ones are his experience with CG groups as the General Manager of Project Division and Nepal CRS Company as their Managing Director. He is quite knowledgeable in dealing the finances of a company. He has been the Principal of the Phoenix College of Management since 2012. Under his guidance the college is thriving and is aiming to be one of the quality education providers in Nepali market. Welcome MessageHello and welcome to Phoenix College of Management (PCM). PCM has been established with a noble cause of imparting professional and academic education at post graduate and under graduate levels in the fields of management.Today, management education needs more than ever the creation of competitive and sustainable strategies. We need responsible and farsighted professionals with high morals. Skilled and committed leaders with higher sense of discipline, d
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