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Phoenix College Awards Full Scholarships to Five National Cricket Team Players for BBA

December 18, 2023
Last updated December 20, 2023
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Phoenix College of Management has announced full scholarships for five promising players to recognize and support the outstanding talent within the Nepal National Cricket Team. Director of the college, Raju Tandon, revealed that the scholarships have been awarded to national team batsmen Kushal Malla, Vivek Yadav, Pawan Sharaf, Mausham Dhakal, and Pratish Ji for their exceptional performance, dedication, and skill on the cricket field.

The scholarships cover a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Phoenix College, aiming to bridge the gap between sports and academics for these talented athletes. This initiative not only acknowledges the athletes' contributions to the nation's cricketing success but also emphasizes the importance of education in their holistic development.

Phoenix College had previously extended full scholarships to other cricket stars, including Kushal Bhurtel, Kamalsingh Airi, Sandeep Jor, Surya Tamang, and Bhim Sarki, from the National Cricket Team for their four-year BBA. The college expressed excitement about contributing to the educational journeys of these athletes, who have brought pride to the nation on the international sports stage.

Situated in Maiti Devi, Kathmandu, Phoenix College offers a range of programs under Lincoln University, including MBA, MCS, BBA, BHM, and BIT. Notably, it is the first college in Nepal to offer MBA programs, showcasing its commitment to providing diverse educational opportunities to aspiring students.

The collaboration between Phoenix College and the National Cricket Team exemplifies the college's dedication to fostering talent and facilitating the academic growth of athletes who have excelled on the global sports platform. This initiative reflects a holistic approach to education that integrates both sports and academic excellence, setting an inspiring precedent for the symbiotic relationship between education and sports in Nepal.

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