Nepal Mountain Academy

Chapagaon Road (Near Satdobato), Tutepani, Lalitpur




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Nepal Mountain Academy (affiliated to Tribhuvan University and run by the Govt of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation) offers a truly professional course on mountaineering studies. It's a first time ever in the global perspetive four years, 8 semester, rigorous academic Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) program being offered in Nepal only. The curriculum for this course is based on multidisciplinary in nature.

Nepal Parbatiya Praschichen Pratisthan (Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA), which was established on 16 Jestha, 2059 (May 30, 2002), has been renamed as Nepal Mountain Academy. The academy (NMA) is an independent, not-for-profit mountain research and educational institution. It is an English medium co-educational institution. The promoting team of the academy consists of academicians, researchers, and professionals considerably renowned both at home and outside in the mountain and mountaineering field. The academy location and premises will be at Tutepani (Near Satdobato), Chapagaon Road, Lalitpur Ring Road.

The Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has formed a governing body to carry out the programs of the academy. The governing body structure is formed with the following 13 member-dignitaries.

Chair person a renowned person having experience in mountain tourism nominated by the Government.


NMA eventually envisions to be a University for mountain and mountaineering studies that promotes, coordinates, and conducts academic activities and carries out research from across the disciplines on mountain places, peoples and practices, and advances both theoretical and experiential learning on campus and in mountain environments in future.

Presently, the main vision of this academy is to be a nationally and internationally reputed learning center, recognized for academic and practical excellence in teaching and research in mountaineering studies education in Nepal.


The academy seeks to make mountaineering studies part of the core identity of the University by building on the academy’s existing world-class strength in research and teaching on the mountains and the mountaineering studies.


Understanding mountains and environments, mountain cultures, and mountain activities in relation to one another to bringing students, faculty members, and community together through the study of mountains and its allied services.

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Salient features


There will be a well equipped computer lab with 65 latest branded computers with LCD monitors. Each computer will be accessed by networks and unlimited internet facility will be available on all weekdays.


Indoor and outdoor sports activities will be arranged as required.


The academy will furnish a seminar hall of the capacity of 150 persons fully equipped with audio and visual equipments. The hall will be well-carpeted, well-decorated with comfortable and luxurious furniture.The hall will be equipped by stereo sound system, computer and multimedia facilities.


Library facility at the academy will be highly valuable asset for higher studies. The academy will have a well-resourced library section with peaceful study environment.The library will comprise of Reading Section,Text Book Section, Issuing Counter, Journal, Newspaper Section and Property Counter. Currently, there are about 1,500 hard physical books related to mountains, mountaineering, social sciences, management and other disciplines supported by 500 books and other materials. In addition, there are e-books and in the process of initiating e-library by which students have an access to the library 24/7 from their convenience.

Number of journals and magazines are about adventure tourism and mountaineering studies and, accordingly, more books and resources in proportion to programs and number of users will be added in the library.