Master of Adventure Tourism Studies

Master of Adventure Tourism Studies

2 years

Entrance Exams

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Master of Adventure Tourism Studies (MATS) is a two years, four semesters-cycle of 73 credits course where students can advanced academic career in adventure and mountain tourism industry. 

Nepal Mountain Academy is going to offer the new program Master of Adventure Tourism Studies (MATS) from January 2020. 

The program is for the bachelor-passed graduates that enables them to be unsurpassed leaders and entrepreneurs of the Adventure Tourism Sphere.

The aim of Master of Adventure Tourism Studies (MATS) is to impart professional skills and knowledge to the students and enable them to advance their careers in mountain and adventure tourism. It specifies on the knowledge of mountain and adventure tourism management to meet professional standards and compete in the national and international arena. It focuses on 

  1. To build up professional skills and Integrated knowledge of the dynamics of adventure tourism. mountain and mountaineering tourism management. cultural diversity and creativity for innovation and sustainability in tourism industry;
  2. To full ill the need of skilled and expert manpower to meet the scope in mountain and adventure tourism sectors;
  3. To enhance and strengthen the graduates to pursue entrepreneurial values in the adventure tourism and leadership development in mountain tourism; 
  4. To build up professionalism in adventure and mountain studies research. and innovation, and enable them for leadership in the study and research in national and international sectors of adventure and mountain tourism management; 

Salient Features

  • First adventure and mountaineering applied University Degree courses 
  • Interdisciplinary programs
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership development 
  • Theoretical and empirical research knowledge 
  • Field research opportunities in tourism industry and at renowned mountain base camps (below 6000m) 
  • Interactive and engaging classes 
  • Case studies / project works and practical demonstrations 
  • Academic and Research writing (enhancing Research writing skills) 
  • Developing international research center 
  • Inter connectivity into national and international arena 
  • National and international visiting professors 


The candidates applying for admission to the MATS program must have 

  • Bachelor Degree completed in any discipline with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or second division marks. 
  • Students who are waiting for results of bachelor level can also apply. However they have to submit passed certificate at the time of admission. 

Must have passed Entrance Test on : Verbal Ability. General Awareness. Quantitative Ability. and Business and Economics conducted by Faculty of Mangement (EOM) T.U. 

Job Prospects

  • Adventure Tourism Manager 
  • Tourism Innovator 
  • Explorer 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Academician 
  • Mountain Tourism Manager 
  • Tourism Planner 
  • Tourism Leader 
  • Researcher 

Curricular Structure

The course requires students to complete a total of 73 credits with the following subjects according to semester.

First Semester

Course Code Course Title Credits
MAT 501 Corporate Communication 3
MAT 601 Adventure Tourism Operations and Management 3
MAT 503 Contemporary Tourism Development 3
MAT 603 Global Mountains and Mountaineering 3
MAT 506 Economics of Tourism 3
MAT 608 Managing Protected Areas of Nepal 3
Total   18
Second Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MAT 502 Accounting for Tourism 3
MAT 602 Adventure Tourism and Risk Recreation 3
MAT 504 E-tourism 3
MAT 505 Human Resource Management 3
MAT 607 Destination Planning, Development and Management 3
MAT 507 Tourism Marketing 3
Total   18
Third Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MAT 508 Financial Management in Tourism 3
MAT 510 Tourism Entrepreneurship 3
MAT 512 Statistics 3
MAT 609 Cultural Heritage Tourism 3
MAT 606 Sustainable Mountain Tourism Development 3
MAT 801 Field Visit (with below 6000m mountain research) 1
MAT 701/2/3 Elective- I 3
Total   19
Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MAT 509 Tourism Research Methodology 3
MAT 511 Strategic Tourism Management 3
MAT 604 Health and Safety in Adventure Tourism 3
MAT 605 Mountaineering Management 3
MAT 704/5 Elective- II 3
MAT 802 Thesis 3
Total   18

Elective Course Listing:

Elective I
Course Code Course Title
MAT 701 Tourism Crisis and Disaster Management
MAT 702 Tourism Innovation
MAT 703 Event Tourism Management
Elective II
Course Code Course Title
MAT 704 Pilgrimage Tourism
MAT 705 Logistic and Supply Chain Management