Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology

Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu
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Salient Features


KCMIT has allocated a spacious room for the library which is well-managed with different text book and reference book, along with wide variety of computer and business magazines and other daily newspapers.

Computer lab and Net Room:

KCMIT has well-equipped computer labs, with latest computers. The computer lab is available to the students during the working hours and students can make the best use of facilities for decision making and computer related work. Students have free unlimited internet access to complement their study. KCMIT has also allocated separated and spacious room with a good number of computers for internet access.


The KCMIT carnival is a long awaited feature of the KCMIT family. This is the time when everybody works in coordination to display the academic achievement and their hidden talent.

Musical program:

One pleasant afternoon every year all the students gather together in the KCMIT college premises to celebrate, enjoy and welcome the wonderful presence of their new friends. This program is often cultural program with music and dance galore and is called a welcome party. Students show their talents in different fields like music, dances, dramatics, etc.


Annual sports are often organized in KCMIT college which includes events like football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton etc. Students also participate in competitions organized by other colleges and organizations.

Credit Transfer:

Over these years students have successful in transferring their credits to different universities abroad like,

  • Gausan College (USA)
  • Minnesota State University (USA)
  • Northern Kentucky University (USA)
  • University of Nebraska (USA)
  • Mesa State University (Japan)
  • Sagino Valley State University (USA)
  • Southern Arkansas University (USA)

Extra curricular activities:

Seminars, IT shows are often organized in KCMIT college.

Study Visit:

To impart practical knowledge, KCMIT college has organized study visits in following organizations in this academic year.

  • Laxmi Bank
  • Nepal Rastra Bank
  • Nepal Merchant Bank
  • Employee Provident Fund
  • Sunrise Bank
  • Citizen Bank
  • Patan Textile Company

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility for Admission

Students who have successfully completed intermediate or higher secondary examinations with minimum second division are eligible to apply.

Admission Criteria

Applicants are required to appear in the entrance test (CMAT) conducted by the Faculty of Management. The test follows the international testing patterns and standards. The college conducts preparation classes for the test. 


Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology offers scholarships to the TU topper and semester toppers. KCMIT will award scholarships to the deserving students who successfully meet the criteria as specified by KCMIT.

  1. Scholarship for the TU topper
  2. Scholarship for top three students of the semester

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Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (KCMIT) is located at Basuki Marg, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It was established in Kathmandu in 2000 A.D. under Tribhuvan University’s new direction to enter into collaboration with the private education sector to provide the most advanced education to the Nepalese students. 

KCMIT is established by a group of management educationists and IT Professionals with wide and long years of experience in the field of teaching and education management. It is the first college of the Tribhuvan University to introduce and implement the Bachelor in Information Management program (BIM).

Presently, KCMIT offers BIM and BBA programs in affiliation with Tribhuvan University. From 2075 BS, KCMIT also launched BCA program with affiliation from Tribhuvan University. The student centric approach of the institution with academic facilities and resources are arguably the best in the nation and the college is committed to offer what promising future leaders truly deserve.

 BBA program of Tribhuvan University in 2004 was introduced as the result from the encouragement of the management team and with the growing demand of management graduated in the job market which was possible because of co-operative and enthusiastic IT experts, management educationists and dedicated faculty members necessary for quality education. 

Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology aims to establish a strong academic foundation, achieve outstanding examination results and engender a mature and independent attitude vital for taking advantage of life’s opportunities. The college is committed to nurture high quality education and development by creating a conducive environment where students and faculties’ activities are in synergy.


  • To develop managers, entrepreneurs and market leaders through market-friendly, accessible, flexible and innovative academic programs.
  • To develop graduates who will be able to grasp the national and international business and IT opportunities.

Message from the Principal

Lalita Chand

"For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever"

How true Lord Tennyson was when he spoke about the brook. When I reflect on these lines, I feel the same applies to KCMIT also. Students have come and gone, but KCMIT stands tall, radiating the warmth to all the family members of the past and present and waiting eagerly to usher the new.

For more than a decade we have moved along steadily and left an imperishable imprint in the history of education, not only as the pioneer college of the BIM Program and a firm up-coming college of the BBA Program, but also in grooming young ladies and gentlemen to face different challenges of the 21st century. Our growth has definitely not been flamboyant, but mature and dignified as year after year, our students have proved themselves in all walks of life – be it higher studies or the job market – KCMITians have carved their way through in this world of cut-throat competition. When success stories of our alumni are heard, a sense of gratifying joy envelopes the reigning atmosphere. These laurels which we cherish today are the outcome of the endless effort of the entire college family- the management, faculty, the administrative staff, the domestic staff and the students themselves. Each one has endeavored to elate the position of KCMIT in the education map; surely this is an accomplishment of the team spirit prevalent amongst the college community. Though we have established ourselves as an abode of learning and an institution which cares for the ethical, professional and social growth of the youth, who have taken shelter under our wings, we still have to go a long way to reach the goal we have set before us. Prior to sending out BIM and BBA graduates into the big, wide, world we want to send good human beings who will uplift themselves above all petty bickerings and spread the message of love and understanding to one and all.

May the Almighty Lord help us in our march towards our goal and lead us from darkness to light.

Lalita Chand