Doti Multiple Campus

Silgadhi, Dipayal Silgadi, Doti
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Doti Multiple Campus was established in 2017 B.S. just a year after establishment of Tribhuvan University with noble aims of imparting knowledge for those who were socially, economically and educationally backward. 

Establishment of college at that time was such a great milestone for a historically prominent place like Doti district. Ever since the establishment of this institution, it has been continuously providing education in most effective way possible, and succeeded to produce skilled manpower in every sector of development in most prolific way. Doti Multiple Campus has travelled thousands of miles, but yet, it has a long journey in front of it. 

Educational institution should be a reflection of a society, and it must be responsible to scuttle any sort of hindrance. Exactly! In the same way DMC is providing its service to the society. In this time of globalization world is getting smaller day by day and people dependency on technology is in apex. So, to cope with contemporary society there is a need of technical education that the education institution should be providing. 

Doti Multiple Campus is one of the best education institutions in this area for the betterment of this institution smooth administration, modern teaching learning strategies along with arduous manpower is inevitable.