Brixton College

Brixton College

Bhimdatta-3, Kanchanpur, Mahendranagar, Bhimdatta, Kanchanpur

Brixton College is revolutionizing the methods of teaching and practicing business and management. The faculty, students, and alumni establish valuable professional relationships, supported by astute analysis, and transform them into innovative solutions that are effective. They educate, enlighten, and inspire scholars to tackle intricate challenges, improve business practices, and foster significant economic growth.


Brixton College is one of the finest co¬educational institutions committed to excellence and innovation in contributing high quality education. Established in 2009, by a dedicated group of academicians and business management experts, Brixton is affiliated to Pokhara University which follows semester system in structuring the academic programme and evaluating the students. The college has been running the four year course- Bachelor of Business Administration (Pokhara University).

Brixton College aims at establishing a reputed home of learning in terms of its excellence in quality by imparting international standard education for the students. It is with this pious dream experienced faculties and entrepreneurs initiated this endeavor for this fulfillment.

Brixton College has highly qualified, nationally and internationally exposed, experienced and dedicated faculties. The college runs with the latest technology and infrastructure with its support to the academic excellence. The college has a 24 hours internet facility to the students along with sufficient and perfect computer lab. The college focuses on the job internship and placement in business organizations like banking, imports, trading, retailing etc.

BBA program at Brixton emphasizes on problem solving competence needed in highly competitive environments. It also develops creative thinking. The college offers a varied choice, where students can choose a set of elective courses from among several courses to develop a career in their area of interest as the college courses are designed to develop a career in their area of interest and to integrate the conceptual framework of management study with their application and also specialized in the areas of Marketing, Finance and Human resources.

The college is located in the educational area of the town-to the north of East West Highway near the Shiv Mandir in a spacious building and large walled compound. In addition to well structured classrooms, the building has a spacious computer lab, library, administrative blocks, recreation centers, as well as a canteen to cater to the needs of students at a reasonable price.


Change is an essential part of nature. In fact, the only thing constant about change is change itself. People who do not adapt with the changing times are at risk of being left behind.

Resistance to change is a major hurdle in achieving one's goals- be it personal or professional. At BRIXTON we believe in the philosophy of change for betterment.


Our objective is to prepare the students to excel in all walks of life. Tapping and molding the potential of a section of the population of a country that boasts of the youngest demography amongst large economies, we take natural pride in our duty.

We promote an open culture that fosters creativity. The ability to nurture, deliver, analyze and develop the young budding minds to mature professionals is what sets us apart. Applying managerial concepts to the fast changing business environment is what our students learn through an appropriate mix of theory and practice.

Salient Features

  • Innovation Club: The Innovation Club is a student-led initiative that aims to inspire and empower students to pursue their passions in both their careers and personal lives. With a diverse range of activities, including business plan competitions, case analysis competitions, best manager competitions, and arts and music events, Brixton strives to provide a platform for students to access knowledge and network with community leaders and entrepreneurs. The club also organizes regional and national events each year to provide students with opportunities to connect and learn from industry experts.
  • Sports & Entertainment Club: In addition to its various management clubs and events, Brixton places a strong emphasis on the development of students' extracurricular skills through sports activities. The college recognizes the importance of sports and has established a club dedicated to redefining the way they are perceived and organized. This club has organized a range of sporting events, including intercollegiate competitions for volleyball, basketball, cricket, and more.
  • Media House: Media House is another Brixton College initiative that documents and promotes the events and activities held throughout the semester. Every event is recorded on video to create promotional material that can be shared with scholars to showcase the activities and initiatives happening on campus.
  • B-Talk: Brixton College recognizes the need to collaborate with individuals and institutions in the ever-changing business and managerial environment. "B-Talk" aims to inspire and create a platform for people from different backgrounds and cultures to gain a deeper understanding of the world. This regional community welcomes inspired thinkers to share their knowledge with curious souls and engage in conversations about ideas, passion, and innovation in an inspiring way. 
  • Shake Hand Club: As part of its social obligation, Brixton College has launched the "Shake Hand Club" to give back to the local community where students grow and learn. This club organizes a variety of activities throughout Mahendranagar to promote responsible citizenship among students and other stakeholders. Some of the CSR events held throughout the year include street dramas about women trafficking, donation programs for old age homes and orphanages, bicycle rallies on Martyr's Day, and blood donation drives.

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility for BBA

Applicant must have completed 10+2/Intermediate or equivalent degree from a recognized institution with a cumulative of minimum of C grade.

Admission Process

  • Get the application form. The application formis are available at the front desk of the college. You can also download prospectus and application form from the college website.
  • Submit the completed application form to the Admission Department section with necessary required documents mentioned in the form.
  • While there are no set deadlines for application, the college may refuse to accept the application, if the seats for the program you intend to enroll in are already filled 


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