Bagiswori College

Taulachhen, Chyamhasing, Bhaktapur
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Bagiswori Secondary School
Bagiswori Secondary School
  • Taulachhen Chyamhasinga, Bhaktapur


Bagiswori College is located at Chyamhasinga, the eastern gate of the world famous historic city, Bhaktapur. Bagiswori Secondary School is a truly community based public academic institution.

This institution was founded by a group of socially aware people in 2015 B.S. as a primary school with the purpose of producing efficient, dexterous, competent and qualified human resources with deep sense of social responsibility. It had to encounter with innumerable ups and downs in due course of meeting with its objectives, but tactically tackling with all the hurdles, this school has succeeded in taking the present shape and establishing itself as one of the loftily esteemed academic institutions in Bhaktapur and the nation.This institution introduced its +2 level programmes in 2061 B.S., and granted higher education to over 465 students in its starting year. Currently over 2743 students have been studying in this school in secondary, +2 and Bachelor levels. This massive enrollment of the students in this school attests the social credibility of the school. And this institution has left no stone unturned in order to maintain this credibility and to exhibit better performance.

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Bagiswori CollegeTaulachhen Chyamhasinga, Bhaktapur