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Exploring Entrepreneurship Education in Nepal

September 25, 2023
Last updated September 27, 2023
Exploring Entrepreneurship Education in Nepal

In today's swiftly changing landscape, entrepreneurship has emerged as a powerful catalyst for driving change and fostering innovation. It transcends the mere act of launching a business; it embodies a mindset, a way of thinking that propels individuals to seek solutions, create value, and take control of their own destinies. In a world where the global economy is constantly shifting, the nurturing of entrepreneurial talents has become a paramount factor for individual success and the prosperity of nations.

Within the realm of entrepreneurship courses lies the gateway to this transformative domain, equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to bring their ideas to life and develop thriving enterprises. Whether you're a passionate innovator, a forward-looking professional, or an ambitious student, the world of entrepreneurship courses extends an inviting hand, offering a wealth of opportunities.

Below you can find a list of different entrepreneurship courses available in Nepal:

Pre-Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development


Pre-Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development has been meticulously designed to cultivate proficient "Enterprise Development Facilitators" who are equipped with a well-rounded skill set, a deep knowledge base, and the appropriate mindset required in the field of entrepreneurship development. Graduates of this program will possess the capability to adeptly perform the duties of an enterprise development facilitator, effectively addressing the diverse needs of government, semi-government, non-government, and private organizations. This course encompasses ten comprehensive subjects that encompass all aspects of an Enterprise Development Facilitator's role, with a strong emphasis on practical skill refinement, enabling techniques, and competency building. Rooted in hands-on experiences across various relevant domains, this curriculum ensures the seamless integration of theoretical insights into practical real-world applications.

Learn more about this course HERE.

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development


Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development program has been carefully structured to generate an intermediate-level workforce possessing the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes pertinent to the field of the enterprise sector. Its overarching aim is to fulfill the demand for such skilled professionals both within the country and abroad, thereby contributing to Nepal's poverty reduction initiatives. Those who complete this course will be well-prepared to execute the roles of enterprise development facilitators, aligning with the specific requirements of governmental, semi-governmental, non-governmental, and private organizations. While the curriculum includes essential theoretical components, its primary focus is on enhancing practical skills, imparting enabling techniques, and fostering competency development.

Learn more about this course HERE.

Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship

American Hospitality Academy, USA

Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship (DCE) caters to aspiring chef-entrepreneurs, providing a multifaceted culinary education. The program employs a three-tiered approach encompassing practical and comprehensive lectures, engaging demonstrations held in a theater-style setting, and immersive hands-on cooking experiences within well-equipped kitchen stations. To ensure an optimal learning environment, a limited number of students are assigned to each cooking station, facilitating an atmosphere conducive to effective skill acquisition and culinary mastery. This course is offered exclusively at Fishtail Mountain School of Hospitality, Tourism and Management.

Learn more about this course HERE.

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development

Pokhara University

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development (BED) is a four-year undergraduate program meticulously crafted to groom prospective entrepreneurs with a holistic understanding and a robust skill set for initiating their own ventures. BED places its core emphasis on the exploration, examination, and assessment of entrepreneurial prospects, both on a global and local scale, by nurturing innovative concepts. Additionally, it strives to foster an enabling environment conducive to the appraisal of new enterprises, encompassing vital aspects such as market research, financial planning, business strategy, and the revitalization of family-owned businesses. Furthermore, BED is committed to advancing the entrepreneurial prospects of women and minority entrepreneurs. This course is only available in School of Development and Social Engineering, Pokhara University.

Learn more about this course HERE.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Tribhuvan University

Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship (MBA-E) program is centered on enhancing fundamental competencies in idea generation, recognizing opportunities, acquiring resources, and effectively managing entrepreneurial endeavors to generate both social and economic value. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills required to conceptualize entrepreneurial ventures and assess their financial and managerial feasibility. The MBA-E curriculum is tailored for three distinct groups: recent graduates aspiring to become entrepreneurs, corporate managers seeking to bolster their expertise in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and existing entrepreneurs aiming to refine their conceptual acumen, critical thinking abilities, and creative prowess to excel in today's fiercely competitive business landscape. This course is available at Kailali Multiple Campus

Learn more about this course HERE.

MBA Entrepreneurship

Westcliff University, US

As pioneers in offering an MBA Entrepreneurship degree, Westcliff University firmly believes that entrepreneurship is the key to unlock the vast potential of Nepal's resources. Throughout the MBA Entrepreneurship program, students are immersed in the intricacies of venture development, from pre-venture planning to startup, growth, and maturity phases. The program fosters an entrepreneurial mindset and hones a comprehensive skill set, highly sought-after not only in startups but also within established corporations. Emphasizing experiential learning, the MBA Entrepreneurship program at Westcliff University provides students with invaluable opportunities to glean insights from national and international players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This course is available exclusively at King's College.

Learn more about this course HERE.

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