MBA Entrepreneurship

MBA Entrepreneurship

2 years
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As the pioneer in offering MBA Entrepreneurship degree in Nepal, King's College believes that entrepreneurship is the key to unlock the vast potential of the resources that Nepal has to offer. During the MBA Entrepreneurship program, students will be exposed to various issues faced by a venture starting from pre-venture, start-up to growth, and maturity. In addition, students will develop entrepreneurial mindset and well-rounded skillset that are highly valued in establised corporations. 

MBA Entrepreneurship program focuses on experimental learning. Students get opportunities to learn from the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem - both national and international. 

Curricular Structure

Core courses                                 (9*3) =27 Credits

Entrepreneurship Majors             (8*3) = 24 Credits

Elective                                        (3*3) = 9 Credits

Total                                             60 Credits

Course Duration                          Two years

Core courses of MBA Entrepreneurship

Organizational Leadership
Human Resources Management
Marketing Management
Managerial Economics
Managing Information Systems & Technology
Managerial Accounting
Financial Management
Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy
Applied Methods Capstone 

MBA Entrepreneurship Majors

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
Research Methodology
Managerial Communication
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Sales Management
Consumer Behavior
Electronic Commerce Marketing


International Business
Operations Management
Applied Business Ethics
Project Management
Knowledge Management
Managerial Decision Making
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Management of Technological Innovation
Informatics for Managers
Financial Statement Analysis
Consumer Behavior