Pre-registrations Open in +2 Programs at Uniglobe SS/College

From May 01, 2022
Until June 30, 2022

Uniglobe SS/College, Kamaladi announces pre-registrations for +2 Science, Management, and Law programs.

Uniglobe was founded with the sole purpose of assisting the nation in making a giant leap forward in today's global scenario by providing 21st-century relevant scientific and management education.


  • Science Stream: minimum C+ in science and Compulsory Mathematics with a GPA of 2.4 and above
  • Management and Law Streams: minimum C in mathematics and science with a GPA of 2.2 and above​

Why Uniglobe?

  • A congenial and resourceful academic environment
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with ultra-modern technology
  • Renowned faculty team with professional track records
  • Managed by the established team of academicians
  • Time-tested and student-centered teaching-learning approach

The two-year secondary curriculum is an intellectually demanding course of study that was created with proper attention to the demands that the transitional phase of a student's teenage life would impose. Scholars' holistic metamorphosis from a droning mental frame to cognitive maturity necessitates a high level of drive in order for them to focus on established goals.

This zealously results in students' happiness and continued motivation in learning. Higher and specialized education requires exposure to modern, in-depth, pragmatic, and successful education. The current system is rated the best in this regard. The two-year secondary curriculum prepares students for advanced studies in management, general science, health and medical science, engineering, electronics, and digital technology.