Untold History of College of Education | Full Documentary

March 25, 2024

Established on September 09, 1956, The College of Education holds a significant place in Nepal's educational landscape as the pioneering institution dedicated to training teachers and improving the country's educational system by nurturing skilled educators.

Initially focusing on training Primary and Lower Secondary Teachers, the institution expanded its programs over time to adapt to Nepal's changing educational needs.

Eventually relocating to Kirtipur and gaining affiliation with Tribhuvan University, the institution evolved into what is now known as the Central Department of Education under Tribhuvan University.

This video offers a deep dive into the rich history of one of Nepal's foremost educational establishments, tracing its journey from inception to its present-day stature. The video delves into the institution's development using scarce archival materials, illuminating interviews, and engaging narrative techniques, showcasing the hurdles and achievements that have molded its purpose and character.