Edusanjal & Thuprai Present 'Towards Tomorrow' Literary Event | World Book Day Special

April 30, 2024

In an effort to foster education and literature in Nepal, Edusanjal teamed up with Thuprai to launch the event "Towards Tomorrow." This collaborative effort aimed to bring together esteemed authors and entrepreneurs from various corners of the nation to engage and inspire students. Commencing on World Book Day, the session was hosted at Thames International College.

During the event, quiz contests and speed reading games were also organized. Among the esteemed guests were Viplob and Durga, distinguished authors whose works had garnered acclaim nationwide. As the event concluded, attendees were left inspired by the authors' advice and motivated to pursue excellence in both writing and education.

"Towards Tomorrow" served as a platform to ignite passion for literature and education, bringing together authors, educators, and students to discuss the transformative power of literature in shaping the future. With discussions on adapting to change, nurturing creativity, and integrating literature into education, the event provided valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring writers and educators alike, setting the stage for a brighter tomorrow in the realm of literature and education in Nepal.