A Concise Overview and Current Status of Saraswati Multiple Campus

February 11, 2024

Saraswati Multiple Campus (SMC) is one of Tribhuvan University's oldest campuses, established over 50 years ago. Today, the campus offers Bachelor's and Master's programs in Management and Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the Faculty of Management, SMC provides annual-based BBS, semester-based BBM, BBA, BHM programs, and MBM and MBS programs. Under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, it offers various Bachelor of Arts programs and semester-based Master's programs.

In this course video, Dr. Golman Gurung, the Campus Chief of Saraswati Multiple Campus, discusses the institution's founding and the array of programs available. He delves into the campus's pedagogical approach and highlights the achievements of its alumni. Additionally, he outlines various college events aimed at enriching student experiences and provides compelling reasons for selecting Saraswati Multiple Campus as an educational destination.