Advanced and In-depth Knowledge: The Faculty of Science at KMC is dedicated to providing advanced and comprehensive knowledge in the field of science. The curriculum is designed to offer a pragmatic understanding of scientific concepts and principles, enabling students to become high-caliber science scholars.

Diverse Career Opportunities: KMC’s science program aims to create a strong foundation for various career paths such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, forestry, and scientific research. By studying at KMC, students can explore a wide range of opportunities in these fields.

Quality Education: KMC is committed to delivering the best quality education to its students. The institution has been established by reputed and professional academicians in the field of science who are dedicated to providing need-based education. This commitment ensures academic excellence and outstanding results in board examinations.

Experienced Faculty: KMC boasts a team of proficient and professional teachers who have expertise in their respective scientific disciplines. These experienced faculty members deliver theory lectures and provide practical demonstrations in well-equipped laboratories. This combination of theoretical and practical learning helps students gain practical knowledge and strengthens their understanding of scientific concepts.

Modern Laboratory Facilities: KMC provides sophisticated and well-equipped modern laboratories where students can conduct experiments and practical sessions. This practical exposure allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills, which are crucial in the field of science.

By choosing KMC for Science, students can benefit from the institution’s commitment to quality education, experienced faculty, and modern laboratory facilities. These factors contribute to a holistic learning experience that prepares students for a successful career in science-related fields.

Structure of Science Curriculum in Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12)

Besides the regular classes, we offer Medical and Engineering Entrance Preparation Classes in Class XI and XII in association with TOP Entrance Preparation Centers.