Kaski Modernized Academy

B.P. Marg Chauthe Kaski




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Kaski Modernized Academy is located in B.P. Marg Chauthe .


We are dedicated to provide practical and life oriented education, discouraging the parrotlike rotted learning in order to produce qualified, dynamic, energetic students so as to prove ourselves as ‘a world class’ school in Pokhara.


Kaski Modernized Academy believes that, it is only education that can beautify the personality, manner and the thoughts of an individual. It enables the person to be self dependent, self content, reliable, industrious, logical, systematic, hygienic, self-esteemed, loyal and to believe in international brotherhood. Only a well educated person can live beautifully and help other to live beautifully. Our school, therefore, aims to make beautiful world through education as the national motto: Education for Sustainable Development.