Kaski Modernized Academy



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Kaski Modernized Academy is located in B.P. Marg Chauthe .


We are dedicated to provide practical and life oriented education, discouraging the parrotlike rotted learning in order to produce qualified, dynamic, energetic students so as to prove ourselves as ‘a world class’ school in Pokhara.


Kaski Modernized Academy believes that, it is only education that can beautify the personality, manner and the thoughts of an individual. It enables the person to be self dependent, self content, reliable, industrious, logical, systematic, hygienic, self-esteemed, loyal and to believe in international brotherhood. Only a well educated person can live beautifully and help other to live beautifully. Our school, therefore, aims to make beautiful world through education as the national motto: Education for Sustainable Development.

Salient features

1. Teaching learning medium and methodology

The entire teaching, learning, interacting and conversational medium of our school is English, besides in Nepali language teaching. The use of English as a medium is thoroughly observed and continuously encourage the students and teachers to do so. Nevertheless, Nepali is also equally emphasized.

i) Participatory and collaborative approach. ii) Innovative approach. iii) Competitive approach. iv) Teacher guided students discovery approach. v) Interactive approach.

2. Library : “A mine of knowledge and wisdom”

The concised knowledge of the textbooks doesn’t satisfy or fulfil the unlimited appetite of knowledge to the students. Therefore, KMA library consists of uncountable books on different branches of knowledge with a spacious study room and book borrowing facilities. We have uniquely run various types of library in our school for different level students.

a. Audio Video library for pre-primary kids

b. Junior manual library 

c. Senior library 

d. Audio-visual library for all

e. E-library 

3. Auditorium Hall :

Our school has a huge and well furnished auditorium hall with good sound system and scientific stage to conduct various programs, training, seminar, mass meeting for almost 300 persons at once.

4. Science Labs :

Our school has modern and quite systematic science laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology with sufficient equipment and materials along with lab in-charge. They can conduct any scientific experiments with individual supervision by the respective teachers.

5. Computer Labs :

All the students from class three and upwards have computer science as an integral part of the curriculum. The purpose of computer lab is to enhance the learning experience for its user (students/staff) through innovative and effective use of technology. We have separate computer for teachers to search the matter in internet. To ensure these goals the lab provides quality of software and hardware resources. a. Computer lab for senior students (Eight to twelve) (Networked computer with internet connection) b. Computer lab for junior students (Three to Seven)

6. Health Service (Medical Corner) :

7. Canteen/Cafeteria:

8. ‘Mineral Water Plant’ for Drinking Water

9. Transportation