Jhirpoo Secondary School

Phulpingkatti-4, Hindi Sindhupalchok




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Jhirpu Secondary School is a distinctly service oriented public educational institute established in 2017 BS. It is located at Phulpingkatti-4, Hindi, Sindhupalchowk. Spread over 16 ropanis of land, the school has excellent infrastructures with new constructed buildings, well equipped computer lab, science lab and library. Bhote Koshi Power Company has pledged to provide the school Rs. 10 lakhs every year for the next 5 years to run the school’s hostel smoothly. The company also provides the salary of private teachers appointed at the school. This has greatly helped to improve the academic quality of the school.

Located at a serene academic environment, Jhirpu Secondary School is committed to maintaining quality of education. All the requirements of conducive educational environment are duly met in the school and have organized extracurricular activities for overall development of students. With the aim of producing competent students, the school is also running English medium classes from grade one to four.

With an aim to increase number of students, Jhirpu HSS is in the process of developing an additional physical infrastructure for sustainable and quality education. The school has been running plus two programs in Management and Education, affiliated to NEB. About seven hundred students are studying from Play Group to grade twelve. Jhirpu can be a unique and exciting educational destination for its prospective students.

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