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The Glacier International Secondary School is located in Shantinagar, Kathmandu. It envisages in providing excellence in higher education and developing leaders as a service to the nation.

The primary mission of Glacier International Secondary School is to produce globally compatible scholars. In fulfilling this mission, the school provides an educational environment conducive to learning and motivates students to make a commitment to life-long learning. 

The history of the school has been characterized by leaders who have been willing to challenge the status quo and transform fields of education and research. Since its foundation, the faculty members and the students of the school have introduced unique ways of thinking and operating that have led to remarkable outcomes.

Glacier International Secondary School has got affiliation from N.E.B and runs +2 programs in Science, Management and Humanities. It stands as a leader distinguished by a commitment to excellence and to creating a better future for its regions through a focus on innovation and impact.

Salient features

  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty; 
  • Science Laboratories;
  • Hostel Facility; 
  • Well stacked Library ;
  • High Speed Internet;
  • Motivation, Soft skills & Personality development classes;
  • Tutorial sessions for academically backward students;
  • Sports facilities & other co-curricular activities;
  • Workshops, Field Trips, Industry Visit.

Admission guidelines

Ten Plus Two Science:

Students mStudents to enroll in +2 in Science, they must score:

  • GPA: 2
  • C+ in Science and Math
  • C in English
  • D+ in Social and Nepali

Ten Plus Two Management:

For students to enroll in grade 11 (Management) he/she must score:

  • GPA: 1.6
  • C Mathematics
  • D+ English, Nepali, in Social and Nepali

Ten Plus Two Humanities:

Students must have secured the following score to enroll in Humanities (+2):

  • GPA: 1.6
  • C+ in Mathematics, Science, 
  • D+ English, Nepali, Social Studies, EPH

Scholarship information

Glacier International Secondary School is committed to recognizing and rewarding  students' excellence in all areas of learning and research. 

It offers a variety of scholarships to new and continuing students, some of which are based on merit alone and others which take into account special talents, leadership and community service or financial need.

Offered scholarships will be part of the complete financial aid award package. Scholarships can be applied to marginalized and under-privileged students who wish to study.

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