Farwest Technical College

Nainadevi Road, Dhangadi, Dhangadi
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About Us

Farwest Technical College (FTC) was established in 2010 AD. It is affiliated with CTEVT and approved by Nepal Nursing Council. It offers three year proficiency certificate level in Nursing program (Staff Nurse) and TSLC in Civil Engineering. 


To ensure the quality of life of the Nepalese people through the provision of quality health education and health services


Imparting quality nursing education in an age where global standards have become a norm, college will strive to  increase the number of professionally trained and competent professional nurses to alleviate the demand in Far Western Region in particular and Nepal


  1. Training and develop higher level health professionals with full exposure at the implementation level and fundamental theoretical knowledge
  2. Provide students a wide range of resources on subject matter required for quality education that combines effective skills as well as high level of confidence