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Why Take Pre-ACCA Classes at CCA?

September 10, 2023
Why Take Pre-ACCA Classes at CCA?
KMC Lalitpur

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), is a globally esteemed professional qualification designed for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in finance, accounting, auditing, and related fields. This credential encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, covering various aspects of accounting and finance while placing a strong emphasis on professional ethics and practical experience. ACCA graduates are held in high regard by employers worldwide, often choosing career paths in accounting firms, financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals attain ACCA membership, granting them the privilege to use the "ACCA" designation, symbolizing their expertise and dedication to ethical and professional standards in the realms of accounting and finance.

The ACCA program welcomes individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, including those with a +2 qualification, eliminating any group-based selection process and mandatory entrance exams. ACCA stands out as a globally recognized professional accounting qualification that maintains an accessible entry point, accommodating a wide spectrum of students.

The Certified College of Accountancy (CCA), renowned as one of Nepal's top institutions for ACCA education, is presently accepting applications for the September 2023 intake. This special session is custom-tailored for recent +2 graduates who aspire to establish careers in the fields of accounting and finance.

Having been founded in 2006, CCA holds the esteemed status of being an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner, underscoring its commitment to delivering high-quality education within an intensive 3-month session. CCA sets itself apart with a dual faculty system, exceptional infrastructure, a broad array of co-curricular activities, and promising placement opportunities, all geared towards nurturing highly skilled ACCA professionals prepared for upcoming ACCA examinations.

A noteworthy achievement of CCA is its distinction as the first ACCA Approved Employer among Nepal's ACCA colleges, showcasing its dedication to producing top-tier talent in the accounting industry. Additionally, CCA proudly holds the distinction of being the first ACCA College to obtain an ISO certificate, consistently achieving the highest pass rates among other Approved Learning Partners (ALPs).

In a bid to support students, especially those with a science background, the Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) is offering a 15-day program of free Pre-ACCA classes, commencing on September 11th. These classes will cover foundational topics such as Journal Entry, Ledger, Reconciliation, Accounting Terminology, Accounting Principles, Types of Business Organizations, and Financial Literacy. This foundation can be particularly beneficial for students with a science background who may not have prior exposure to accounting.

Enrollment for the September 2023 intake is currently open, and prospective students are encouraged to apply promptly. This intake provides students with the flexibility to choose from three available shifts, enabling them to select a time slot that aligns with their schedules. By becoming part of CCA, students can become part of one of Nepal's foremost institutions for ACCA education.

For further information regarding ACCA and CCA, interested individuals can contact CCA at Thapagaun, Baneshwor. CCA also offers free career counseling services, and you can reach out to them at 9801811222 or 01-5245126 to take the first step toward a successful career in accounting and finance.

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