Admissions open for first level of ACCA/FIA for June 2019 Session at CCA

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CCA School of Accountancy (Open: 2019-05-27 Close: 2019-06-02)
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Application form open: 2019-05-27

Application form close: 2019-06-02

CCA School of Accountancy announces admission open for FIA, the first level of ACCA, for June 2019 Session. 



ACCA is the global body for professional accountants around the world recognized in over 181 countries. ACCA was founded in 1904 in London which makes it the oldest professional accountancy bodies in the world with glorious history of developing professional accountants the world needs for over 115 years. ACCA, being its head office in United Kingdom, operates through a network of 90 offices globally, 9000 Approved employers globally who supports employment for ACCA students and members and over 400 examination centres globally. ACCA specializes in finance, accounts, tax and audit and so can work as a job in these specialized areas in over 181 countries.

ACCA have 13 papers in its syllabus and also require 3 years of Articleship. 13 papers is divided in to three levels- Foundation In Accountancy (3 papers), Applied skills level (6 papers), Strategic professional level (4 papers). This means, you have to pass 13 exams and do 3 years of Articleship for being an ACCA. But wait ?. The main feature of ACCA is that it is not a group system exam so you don’t have to give exams in group. ACCA runs FOUR exam sessions a year in March, June, September and December and you can take ONE exam in THREE Month’s time which will ease your pressure in study and hence can be passed with flexibility and gain global recognition by being an ACCA.

So, maximum time that will take to complete 13 exams of ACCA is 3 years and 3 months but ACCA will take 4 years in total because you will also be doing articleship of 3 years when you will be in second level. From second level, you will be studying and going for articleship as well.

Other features of ACCA includes Bsc. In Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. You can gain this degree after you complete your second level of ACCA by writing a small thesis. You do not have to give any extra exams for gaining this degree. So, What we need if we gain Bachelor degree from top University with reputed ACCA degree.

Similarly, you can enroll in MBA program of Kathmandu University in Nepal with certain exemptions after you complete your ACCA. This doesn’t require any Bachelors degree. You can enroll on the basis of ACCA.

ACCA in Nepal?

ACCA demand is increasing in Nepal because Nepal is also adopting international practice for audit and accounting. As you might know, ACCA syllabus covers international accounting and auditing standards and this keeps on updating in ACCA which makes ACCA very much demanded in Nepal and Worldwide as ACCA professionals are well versed in international accounting and auditing rules.

Recently, Nepal have adopted international accounting rules for accounting in Banks and Insurance companies from previous year with phase wise adoption in other Financial institutions and companies as well in subsequent coming years. So, the market needs professionals with knowledge of international accounting rules. This is also making ACCA, who is knowledgeable about international accounting, a high demand in Nepal market and also will continue in the future.

ACCA is demanded as officer to senior officer as starting position in Nepal Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, Hydropower companies and other trading and manufacturing companies. Similarly, ACCA is also highly demanded for internal audit head, project finance coordinator to manager in INGOs and NGOs in Nepal. ACCA is also demanded in higher level position in Central Bank of Nepal- Nepal Rastra Bank.

Why CCA School Of Accountancy For Studying ACCA?

CCA is the leading college for providing ACCA tuition in Nepal Market. CCA was established in 2006 by a team of professional accountants which makes it one of the experienced and oldest ACCA college in Nepal. CCA have very high pass rates in the Nepal market with pass rates going above the global averages. CCA also produces very large number of Nepal and world rankers in each exam session which shows the quality of ACCA education provided at CCA.

ACCAs from CCA are working in top organizations in Nepal and other countries of the World by passing their ACCA from CCA in position from officer to CFO to manager level. This shows the scope of ACCA course.

CCA runs three month session for ACCA which means students can progress and pass ACCA exam quickly with ease of pressure as they have to sit one exam in three month time. CCA have tutors who have vast experiences in their subject matters as they are working for many years in their specific field of subject. This means our tutor demonstrates practically the subject matter which is the key point in passing ACCA examinations. That’s why our pass rates are very high in the market.

CCA also provides other facilities as well to help students to pass their exams such as library facilities where there will be lots of study materials for students to study their subjects.

CCA also place its students in top audit firms in Nepal for Article ship. Doing article ship in top audit firms will add much value when you go for work after your 3 year article ship. You will be offered a high level position when you become ACCA.

ACCA can be completed within 4 years and with 4.5 lacs Nepali rupees at CCA. The cost of 4.5 lacs includes all tuition fees, ACCA exam fees, registration fees, and study materials. Package system are available for college fee at CCA. Package system will lower your total ACCA costs.

Note: Classes will start from 4th of June 2019. Students do not need to wait for results to join ACCA.

For more details:

CCA School of Accountancy
Trinity House, 5th Floor, Putalisadak, Kathmandu.
Tel no. 014240913
Hand phone no. 9801165757, 9801811222, 9801811219
Facebook page: ACCA at CCA
Instagram page: cca_school_of_accountancy


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