TU part-time teachers seek appointment on contract basis



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Kathmandu, May 16: Tribhuvan University (TU) part-time teachers have demanded that they should be appointed on contract basis.

At a press meet organised by Nepal Part-Time Teachers' Association, the association's office-bearers complained that they were discriminated against in pay despite their equal contribution as their permanent counterparts and those hired on a contract basis.

"Part-time teachers' service and contribution to the TU is always on a par with the permanent teachers and those working on contract basis; so, they must be paid on parity basis," claimed Association Chairman Shashi Kumar Sharma. "TU part-time teachers are finding it hard to run daily life due to such discrimination."

Association General Secretary Narendra Prasad Bhandari said that they were planning to take to the street against such 'discrimination' from Thursday.

Ratna Rajya Campus part time teacher Ghama Raj Luintel asserted that the TU could not discriminate against them in terms of salary and perks.

The TU pays its part–time teacher Rs 220 per period and also deducts 15 per cent tax from this. There are around 1420 part-time teachers across the country. RSS