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New Vice Chancellor Sets Sights on Global Competitiveness for Mid West University

May 07, 2024
New Vice Chancellor Sets Sights on Global Competitiveness for Mid West University
KMC Lalitpur

Prof. Dr. Dhruba Kumar Gautam, the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of Mid-West University, has outlined his vision to elevate the university's competitiveness on the global stage.

During a welcoming ceremony and his assumption of office, Vice Chancellor Gautam expressed his determination to position the university as a formidable competitor. He emphasized the crucial role of producing competitive human resources to thrive in the global market, stating, "We must rise to the challenge of universities with centuries-old legacies. Our focus will be on enhancing our capabilities in research, study, exploration, and investigation."

Underlining the importance of unity in the university's establishment campaign, Vice Chancellor Gautam stressed the collective effort required for success. He asserted, "While I am committed to spearheading Mid-West University's development, individual efforts alone won't suffice. Collaboration among all stakeholders is essential to nurture human resources capable of meeting global demands."

Gautam also underscored the university's significance as a repository of knowledge and creativity, underscoring the financial imperative of achieving self-sufficiency.

The university administration responded positively to Vice Chancellor Gautam's remarks, pledging to prioritize service delivery and infrastructure development. They expressed commitment to initiating efforts to establish Mid-West University as a globally renowned institution, with Gautam officially assuming office yesterday (Baisakh 24).

The event featured presentations from various agencies and organization heads, who provided insights into challenges, strengths, and recommendations pertinent to their respective sectors.

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