Trichandra Multiple Campus Slated for Renovation

July 25, 2022
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Trichandra Multiple Campus, which was destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 2072, will now undergo renovations by the government after the staged protest by students. On Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's orders, 700 million rupees would be provided for the Trichandra campus renovation.

The Department of Urban and Building Construction will rehabilitate the ancient structures. The front portion of the campus will maintain its present structure during the refurbishment, while more rooms will be added to the back portion. The funds will be used to renovate and rebuild the campus building that faces the clock tower, according to campus director Prada Sunil Adhikari. The building has fallen in one area. 

Prime Minister Deuba spoke with officials from the Department of Archaeology, the Department of Education, Chief Secretary Shankardas Bairagi, Tribhuvan University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Dharmakant Baskota, the Finance Ministry, and other relevant agencies to discuss the issue of reconstructing the crumbling structure which is informed by the press coordinator Govind Pariyar.

Even after the red stickers were attached to the building, the students were forced to study in the same building, and hence students associated with the ruling party joined the protest. The students held placards that said, "Ministry of Education missing notice," "Save the Trichandra," and "Mr. Prime Minister, when will the college where you studied be rebuilt?"

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