Technical Education creates Employment opportunities



Hetauda : After an unsuccessful result in  SLC, the resident of Kailash Rural Municipality-09, Junu Thing wondered what she is going to do further. However, after knowing the course of JTA in Janapriya Secondary School in Hatiya, Chisapani-16 of Hetauda Sub- Metropolitan City, she got admitted in the year of 2069.  After the completion of the course of 18 months, she became JTA.   She got employment opportunity in the non-governmental organization. Currently, she teaches the farmers about the method of farming. She too has cultivated vegetables. 

Similarly, after completing the course, JTA, Ratna Bamjan of Hetauda, Churimai also easily got the job. After the unsuccessful result of SLC, the resident of Dadakharka Kailash Rural Municipality tried to suicide once but he made the decision to join this course and after the completion of his study, now he has become an independent. ‘Even after failing in SLC, studying 19 months course of JTA, we easily got the job opportunity. 'Gurung said, ‘ Now I understand, education without skill is of no work.’  Currently, he is now working in Bajrabarahi of Thaha Municipality. He remembered his classmate who had passed grade 12 and did not get his job here in Nepal. 

The technical school of Hatiya runs JTA in Agriculture and Veterinary since 2062. The principal of the school, Namraj Aryal informed that the community school has been able to produce 2100 technicians. He further informed that those technicians were able to get job access easily in the governmental and non- governmental organizations. 

The government has declared Janapriya Secondary School as one of the sample schools. Chairman of School Management Committee, Loknath Chaulgain informed that the school is provided with Rs 12 crore for the development of infrastructure of the school. Currently, the school is offering a Diploma level course in JTA and Veterinary. Presently, there are 400 students studying in Janapriya Secondary School. The students came to study here from other districts as well. To get admitted to the school, there is an extensive participation of the students from different parts of the country. 
School only admit the students after attending the entrance examination.