​Teachers Service Commission started preparations for testing the expertise of teachers


Teacher Service Commission has started a concept for the discussion of the testing the expertise of teachers. The commission concluded that the Teacher’s license alone cannot identify the capability of teachers. Thus,  the commission has started to discuss the implementation of expertise testing. 

The commission believes that the teaching method would be improved by motivating the teachers and learning their capabilities. 

Administrative Office Dr Tulsi Prasad Thapaliya, said that since there was no proper indicator to identify the existing potential of teachers in spite of them taking a license, this concept was brought.

The teaching license is mandatory whereas the speciality testing is optional. The license examination is taken before teaching whereas speciality testing can be obtained while staying in the services. The minimum condition for obtaining a license is same, however, in speciality testing, it is identified by excellence.
If a teacher wanted to test his/her skill in a specific teaching-learning process, then the examination will be taken based upon fixed criteria and a certificate would also be provided, briefed Thapaliya. 

However, they have not yet decided the procedure but few concepts were introduced in the first phase of discussion. Moreover, the commission has informally proposed that there should be the chance for testing speciality given to the teachers who have completed permanent post of a teacher for 5 years.

In an initial discussion, it is proposed that the teachers will get the opportunity to test their knowledge on a specific subject and can showcase their expertise in the field and self- evaluate it. 

A license is for the protection of an individual’s welfare whereas testing is connected to professional speciality. 

This concept has been started in the developed countries from the very beginning, which is expected to motivate teachers. 

Presently, the concept is in the first phase of the discussion thus, incoming phase, the participation of concerned government authorities are expected added Thapaliya.

“Every human being wants to prove him/her and the services provided by such person is better but in the context of teachers there is no method to effectively testing apart from teaching license due to which the responsibility of nation to provide quality education and the right of children to study under qualified teachers is affected,” Thapaliya said. “The monitoring of schools by School Inspectors and concerned authorities is not effective as needed due to which the development of capable teachers is hindered. So, we are discussing on this concept,” he added.