Scholarships for Nepali students in Turkey



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Nepali students look forward to studies abroad as studying abroad helps open doors to global opportunities. And to share information about scholarships for Nepali students at different levels at Turkey, the Turkish Embassy organised a press meet at Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat on February 16.

Turkish Ambassador Dr Burak Akcapar shared, “We have realised that application for higher education in Turkey by Nepali students is lesser in comparison to other countries because most Nepali students do not know about scholarships available to them in Turkey ... I can confidently say we have good higher education.”

About the types of scholarship available, perks and criteria for the scholarships Ergul Kadak, Third Secretary, Consular Section, Turkish Embassy in New Delhi gave detail information through PowerPoint presentation.

The scholarship programmes are available in four different categories — graduate programmes, undergraduate programmes, branch programmes and short-term programmes. It was informed that Nepali students are eligible for Ali Kuscu Science and Technology Scholarship (Science, Engineering, Technology), Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Scholarship (Social Sciences) for graduate programmes, while for undergraduate programmes only Bosphorus Scholarship (excluding Medical Science, Islamic Studies and Turkish Language and Literature) is available for Nepali students.

In branch programmes, Ibni Sina Medical Sciences for undergraduate level, Yunus Emre Turkish Language scholarship for Undergraduate/Master’s/PhD programme and Islamic Studies Scholarship for undergraduate/Master’s/PhD programme are available for Nepali students.

About the scholarship perks, Kadak added, “Scholarship opportunities cover allowance of $250 per month for undergraduates, $360 per month for Master’s students, $500 per month for PhD students, and $900 per month for Research scholarship holders. The students also avail of free accommodation in public university dormitories, free tuition and fees, health expenses covered by public health insurance, Turkish language course for one year and transportation.”

The scholarships are available only for international students living outside Turkey. To be eligible to be considered for the scholarships, students must have maximum graduation grade of 70 per cent (for undergraduates), 75 per cent (for Master’s/PhD), and 90 per cent (for Medical School), as per Kadak.

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Source: Himalayan News Service