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Nepali Embassy Issues Advisory for Students Planning to Study in Canada

May 02, 2024
Nepali Embassy Issues Advisory for Students Planning to Study in Canada
KMC Lalitpur

The Nepali Embassy in Canada has issued a comprehensive advisory for Nepali students aspiring to pursue higher education in Canada. The advisory aims to equip students with essential information and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and successful academic journey.

The advisory highlights various crucial aspects that students need to consider before embarking on their educational journey to Canada. It emphasizes the importance of thorough research regarding the colleges and universities they plan to attend, as well as understanding the geography, climate, and living expenses of their chosen location. Additionally, students are advised to familiarize themselves with post-arrival necessities such as health insurance and cultural differences.

One of the key recommendations outlined in the advisory is the need for students to exercise caution when selecting educational institutions, ensuring that they prioritize quality and credibility. Moreover, students are warned against falling prey to misleading advertisements on social media platforms that could lead to financial fraud.

The advisory encourages students to leverage the available resources, including relevant websites and the Nepali Embassy, for guidance on study methods, preferred subjects, eligibility criteria, and scholarship opportunities. It also suggests seeking advice from individuals with experience in Canada, such as friends, relatives, or Nepali community associations.

Parents are urged to make adequate arrangements for their children's educational fees and living expenses throughout their study period, as well as to provide constant support and communication. The advisory also addresses the misconception regarding immediate employment opportunities for international students in Canada, highlighting the financial challenges and psychological stress that may arise.

Furthermore, the advisory acknowledges the Canadian government's efforts to address issues faced by international students and improve educational infrastructure and housing facilities. It mentions a new policy implemented in January aimed at reducing the number of international students by 35% over two years and restricting work permits for undergraduate and postgraduate students in certain institutions.

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