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Education Minister Addresses Scholarship Concerns with Bangladesh Embassy

May 14, 2024
Education Minister Addresses Scholarship Concerns with Bangladesh Embassy
KMC Lalitpur

Education, Science, and Technology Minister Sumana Shrestha discussed discrepancies in scholarship nominations for students pursuing MBBS and BDS programs in Bangladesh with the Bangladesh Embassy.

The conversation primarily centered around the variance in names put forward for scholarships, sparking concerns and prompting diplomatic dialogue between the two nations. Minister Shrestha addressed the issue with Bangladesh Ambassador Salahuddin Noman Chaudhary, seeking clarity and resolution.

During the discourse, Minister Shrestha's office provided insights into inquiries concerning the differing student nominations. The embassy, in turn, assured that the matter was under the Bangladesh government's investigation and affirmed its commitment to swiftly rectify the situation. This stance was perceived as a constructive step towards addressing the issue and ensuring fairness in scholarship allocations.

Furthermore, it came to light that while the Medical Education Commission had recommended a roster of 22 students for scholarships, only 10 names were disclosed publicly, surpassing the commission's initial suggestions. This revelation adds layers to the ongoing discussion and underscores the need for transparency and accountability in scholarship processes.

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