Samriddhi School Offering Distance Learning Amid Lockdown



April 22, 2019- The world seems to have ground to a halt because of the COVID 19, and all the educational institutions in the country are closed. Social distancing and self-isolation remain the most effective preventive measures to contain COVID-19.

Given the circumstances, everyone is facing uncertainty on when the lockdown will be over and schools will resume. One of the biggest challenges that parents face during lockdown is keeping their kids engaged and feeling upbeat. Many believe that students must continue their education and learning should not stop. 

Samriddhi School is always dedicated to students and their learning and according started Google Classroom to engage students in educational and personal development activities where Learners and teachers can communicate about the assignments within the platform and teachers can monitor students' progress.

The school has also announced the following favor of its students:

1. Promote all students from Play Group to Grade 9 to the next level, for this new school session 2077. 

2. Based on the data collected by teachers from the parents, the school is starting regular online classes and academic activities from this coming Friday, Baisakh 12, 2077 (April 24, 2020). Students of  Nursery to Grade 10 will participate in these classes. Initially, the school was using Zoom Video Conferencing Platform and the school is in the process of acquiring our online learning system. Side by side Google Class also is used to share study materials homework, research work, and other assignments. This model currently seems to the best alternative as Lockdown is ongoing. 

3. The teachers are prepared for the online classes and class routines and further information will be mailed to the parents. Similarly, the parents and students will be assisted in linking to the system by the teachers. These platforms are readily accessible and the requirements to join the classes are internet connectivity, preferably a laptop computer or a desktop PC with camera and mic, but in case of unavailability, the smartphone also works for this purpose. The students are also requested to contact the class teacher if they need any assistance regarding it. 

4. New admissions are ongoing and interested parents can fill out the online admission form by visiting the website of Samriddhi School.

About Samriddhi School

Samridhhi School is located at Binayak Basti, Balaju 16, Kathmandu. It is committed to provide an outstanding learning environment for students, enabling them to thrive in a complex, constantly changing world, getting more interconnected by the day.