Personality Development Session for at IIMS College by Malvika Subba


March 05, 2020

IIMS College organized Personality Development Session for BBA, BHM students over various dates, 26th and 27th February for BBA students and 2nd and 3rd March for BHM students. 

The transformation process of self-improvement, personal growth and human development by which a person adopts new ideas or perspectives which allows the individuals to generate new behaviors and attitudes that result in an improvement in their quality of life is personality development. 

Being a significant part of learning in a student’s life, IIMS College organized Personality Development Session by the former Miss Nepal, Malvika Subba. The session was organized for different semesters of BBA and BHM at IIMS premises.

Personality development

IIMS not only believes in improving academically but also emphasizing on the overall performance enhancement and character-building traits of students which would transform them into multifaceted individuals and professionals.

In this session, Malvika Subba introduced various guidelines of decorum to our students indulging everyone in different fun activities and exercises. Students were asked to rehearse discourse, speak in front of the mass, showed the distinctive significance of tuning in and understanding with the thought process of improving correspondence.

Malvika Subba likewise emphasized on enhancing one’s personality through smiling a lot, thinking positively, dressing sensibly, being soft spoken leaving the ego behind, avoiding back biting and criticizing people, being confident and a patient listener which would help them become better individuals.

Personality development for students will play an important role in their professional as well as personal lives. Aiming that it would make the students disciplined, punctual and an asset for their organization and in their personal life, IIMS successfully organized the Personality Development Session.