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Nepal College of Management Organizes Successful Blood Donation Campaign

May 28, 2023
Nepal College of Management Organizes Successful Blood Donation Campaign

Nepal College of Management (NCM) organized a Blood Donation Campaign at its campus recently. The campaign occurred on May 26, 2023, and saw an impressive response with over 50 participants enthusiastically joining in to support a worthy cause. The NCM Student Council took the lead in initiating this event, which aimed to alleviate the blood shortage in hospitals throughout Kathmandu Valley. The college community wholeheartedly supported the campaign, contributing to its overwhelming success.

As students, faculty, and staff congregated at the NCM Hall, it turned into a beacon of hope during the blood donation drive. The participants' remarkable enthusiasm and eagerness demonstrated their dedication to creating a meaningful difference in the community. The event exemplified the extraordinary sense of unity and compassion that flourishes within NCM's premises.

The distinguished presence of Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathema, the esteemed Principal of Nepal College of Management, added grandeur to the event. Prof. Mathema expressed profound satisfaction with the campaign's results and commended the NCM student council and Red Cross Society for their commendable efforts. Recognizing the importance of such initiatives, he emphasized that this was merely the start and announced NCM's pledge to conduct blood donation campaigns biannually. This commitment from the college administration underscores NCM's strong commitment to social responsibility and unwavering support for the community.

Taking the lead in orchestrating this influential occasion was the NCM Student Council, spearheaded by the dynamic and enthusiastic Student Council President, Paras Oli. The student council's commitment to the vital social cause of alleviating the blood shortage in hospitals across Kathmandu Valley was praiseworthy. Paras and the entire student council team exerted relentless efforts to ensure the seamless implementation of the campaign. They collaborated closely with Nepal Red Cross Society, mobilized volunteers, and raised awareness about the significance of blood donation. Their dedicated endeavors played a crucial role in the resounding triumph of the campaign.

The blood donation campaign orchestrated by Nepal College of Management stands as a radiant illustration of education transcending the confines of the classroom. It showcases the fundamental principles of empathy, compassion, and community service deeply embedded in the college's values. The altruistic act of donating blood possesses the potential to save lives and instill hope in those who require it, and NCM has unequivocally demonstrated its dedication to nurturing a culture of social responsibility and contributing to society.

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