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Minister Sumana Shrestha Launches Initiative to Bridge School University Gap

May 09, 2024
Minister Sumana Shrestha Launches Initiative to Bridge School University Gap
KMC Lalitpur

Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Sumana Shrestha has recently announced the initiation of efforts to tackle the longstanding gap between school education and higher education in the country. This move comes in response to the identified hurdle that has impeded smooth transitions for students. Minister Shrestha shed light on this endeavor during today's (Baisakh 27, 2081) session of the Education, Health, and Information Technology Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Minister emphasized the necessity of aligning university plans with the nation's production of skilled human resources, emphasizing the crucial aspect of generating employment opportunities. She underscored the significance of collaborative action between educational institutions and governmental bodies to address this issue effectively.

Moreover, Minister Shrestha articulated the government's proactive measures to address anomalies and discrepancies within the educational system, particularly highlighting initiatives aimed at Tribhuvan University.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Keshar Jung Baral also shared insights during the session, highlighting the challenges faced in implementing comprehensive reforms within the university system. He pointed out the complexities arising from political affiliations and fraternal organizations operating within the university, which often hinder reform efforts.

Dr. Baral expressed a steadfast commitment to initiating educational reforms starting in the upcoming academic year. He unveiled plans to deter the trend of young students seeking higher education opportunities abroad.

During the committee meeting, concerns were raised regarding irregularities in examination procedures, delayed publication of results, excessive politicization within universities, and instances of exam paper leaks. These issues have collectively contributed to diminishing the appeal of universities among prospective students.

Additionally, there were demands to redirect named scholarship recipients, who were selected based on political influence, towards other educational pursuits, instead of pursuing MBBS studies in Bangladesh.

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