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Nepal Government Unveils Ambitious Education Policy for Fiscal Year 2081–2082

May 14, 2024
Nepal Government Unveils Ambitious Education Policy for Fiscal Year 2081–2082
KMC Lalitpur

President Ramchandra Poudel has announced the government's ambitious policy and program for the fiscal year 2081–2082. The unveiling took place amidst high anticipation, promising a wave of transformative changes across the nation's educational landscape.

Central to the announcement is the government's commitment to fostering technology-friendly teaching methods and ensuring uniformity in the education system. This includes initiatives to empower educators with technological tools, thereby enhancing the teaching-learning experience.

Furthermore, the policy outlines measures to streamline school operations and teacher management while prioritizing the preservation and promotion of basic language and culture. By developing model laws and directives, the government aims to simplify administrative processes at the local level, facilitating efficient governance in educational institutions.

One of the program's standout features is the revitalization of the nutritious food program, emphasizing the provision of high-quality, locally sourced meals to school children. This initiative reflects a concerted effort to address nutritional needs and promote healthier dietary habits among students.

Additionally, the government has pledged to expand scholarship opportunities for disadvantaged students, extending support up to grade 12. This initiative underscores a commitment to ensuring equal access to education and empowering marginalized communities.

The government has announced that Dalits will be targeted and Jehendar Scholarship will be extended to give Dalit students access to technical higher education. The policy also encompasses the revision of the national curriculum framework, aiming to modernize and adapt educational content to meet evolving societal needs.

Moreover, the government has underscored the importance of companion teacher systems in schools and announced health insurance coverage for children under 10 years of age, providing primary treatment and disaster mitigation support. As part of efforts to bridge the gap between academia and practical skills, career counseling will be integrated into community schools, empowering students to make informed choices about their future endeavors.

The government has prioritized research, innovation, vocational education, and entrepreneurship, recognizing them as essential components of higher education.

The government has also unveiled its annual policy and program that basic education will be ensured for all children within the next five years. The announcement comes as a beacon of hope for millions of children across the nation, promising access to quality education as a fundamental right.

Under the economic year 2081–2082, President Ramchandra Poudel has announced special educational programs to be conducted in Children's Correction Home (Bal Sudhar Griha), emphasizing the importance of education for all, including children in challenging circumstances. The policy specifically addresses the educational needs of vulnerable children, including those affected by displacement and violence, ensuring they receive tailored educational support.

Furthermore, the policy includes provisions for providing alternative informal education to children who are unable to attend regular schools for various reasons. This initiative aims to reach out to children outside the formal schooling system, ensuring they, too, have access to educational opportunities.

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