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Kathmandu Model Secondary School Hosts Techno Fest - Celebrating Innovation and Talent

February 11, 2024
Kathmandu Model Secondary School Hosts Techno Fest - Celebrating Innovation and Talent

Kathmandu Model Secondary School showcased a vibrant display of innovation and talent on February 09, with the staging of a one-day Techno Fest, a grand event that brought together students and educators from across the region.

Mayor Hari Govind Shrestha of Mahalaxmi Municipality graced the event with his presence, underscoring the significance of technological advancement and education in today's society. The Techno Fest, a collaborative effort between Mahalaxmi Municipality and the Robotics Association of Nepal, witnessed enthusiastic participation from 56 schools in Lalitpur Metropolitan City and neighboring areas.

The event featured an impressive array of 35 projects and 21 robotics demonstrations, highlighting the ingenuity and creativity of the participants. Among the notable achievements, VS Niketan Secondary School emerged victorious in the Robo Race, securing the first position, followed by KMC School from Buddhanagar in second place, and Kathmandu Model Secondary School from Bagbazar in third place.

Triyog School clinched the first position in another category, with KMC School from Buddhanagar securing second place and Kathmandu College of Central State securing third place, showcasing a diverse range of talents and capabilities.

Cash prizes totaling Rs. 10,000, Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 5,000 were awarded to the winning teams, alongside medals and certificates, recognizing their outstanding achievements and contributions to the event.

A non-competitive team from Bangladesh captivated audiences with their exhibition, while students from KMC Lalitpur captivated the crowd with cultural dances and art performances, adding to the vibrancy of the occasion.

Key figures including Dr. Durga Jang KC., Director of KMC Network and President of KMC Lalitpur, Mukti Aryal, Director of KMC Network, Surendra Subedi, former principal of KMC Balkumari, Dr. Nagendra Aryal, Principal of Kathmandu Model Secondary School Bagbazar, Achyuttam Gautam, President of Alumni Association, among others, graced the event with their presence, further elevating its significance.

Sunil Gaire, Principal of Kathmandu Model Secondary School Lalitpur, expressed his enthusiasm for such programs, highlighting their role in nurturing students' creative abilities and hinting at future endeavors in a similar vein.

The Techno Fest, which unfolded from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, was inaugurated by KMC Lalitpur's Science Club Coordinator Kishor KC, setting the stage for a day filled with innovation, collaboration, and celebration of talent.

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