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Triyog High School

Dhapasi, Tokha, Kathmandu

PG - 12


Established in 1987, Triyog High School, is a school with a rich tradition of excellence. Originally a premier girls' school, it became co-educational in 1998, with the aim of providing quality education that promotes the development of the mind, body, and spirit. Despite starting with just 27 students and 6 teachers, Triyog has now grown to over 1,100 students and 180 teachers and staff. The first batch of 40 students graduated in 1995, and since then, over 2000 Triyogees have graduated with high to outstanding marks, with alumni succeeding in their studies, careers, and lives all over the world.

In 2005, the School moved from Battisputali to its own state-of-the-art infrastructure in Dhapasi, Kathmandu, providing an environment most conducive to learning and teaching. By 2013, Triyog had also started the 10+2 program in its premises. Additionally, in 2012, Triyog introduced Progressive-Integrated Teaching-Learning from Grade I, which has since extended up to the middle school. This practice emphasizes experiential and hands-on learning, with children at the center and teachers serving as facilitators.


To be the best school in Nepal offering education of international standards for the all-round development of children & preparing them for their future


Triyog aspires to be a centre of excellence that develops children intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, morally & aesthetically. We seek to give perfect schooling that helps them acquire life-skills, sound character & positive attitude to excel in their lives. We have a shared commitment to have an inspiring teachinglearning environment where children fully engage themselves in learning by doing. We endeavour to provide a competitive setting with top-class facilities nurturing their talents and abilities.

Salient Features


Triyog boasts purposeful academic buildings that feature wide and spacious corridors and large, well-ventilated classrooms. The construction of the buildings is structurally sound, with a view to effectively running this esteemed educational institution. There is plenty of space available for a variety of activities, and the numerous classrooms allow for flexible learning opportunities.

The Premises

The school spans a vast area where students can partake in a diverse range of sports activities or come together for daily assemblies and other events. The premises are open, clean, and invigorating, with pleasant flowering plants and refreshing greenery.

Safe Environment

Triyog's setting is completely secure and peaceful. The physical infrastructure has been assembled in strict accordance with government guidelines, taking into account natural hazards, fires, and other technical considerations. All of the structures feature key facilities, and they are carefully maintained and regularly inspected by engineers to ensure their functionality and safety.

Augmented Classroom

The availability of in-class computers and a dedicated computer lab enables teachers to supplement their lessons with dynamic visual aids from around the world, aiding students in better understanding academic topics.

Music Room

The Music Room is furnished with an array of instruments that facilitate the learning of various musical genres. It contains instruments such as the Synthesizer, Guitar, Drumset, Harmonium, Flute, Madal, and Piano.


The School Library fosters a culture of reading for both the students and staff. It offers a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction texts, including children's literature, language books, magazines, educational films, and documentaries.

AV Room

Audio-visual aids are seamlessly integrated into the school curriculum and utilized by both teachers and students. The AV room features state-of-the-art amenities for teacher demonstrations as well as student presentations.


Triyog features two ICT labs that are equipped with broadband internet connectivity. These rooms augment in-class learning by facilitating computer-based projects and specialized classes.

Science Lab

The school has spacious, modern science labs that keep students engaged in purposeful hands-on activities. The teachers also provide attentive support to students, ensuring their safety at all times.


The Multipurpose Auditorium, an architect's masterpiece, is the pride of Triyog High School, with a seating capacity of over 400. It is utilized for a variety of school functions, including Competitions, Class and Project Days, Orientation and Interaction programs, and Inter-school events.

Art & Craft Studio

The Art & Craft Studio is a spacious, well-lit room that is fully stocked with an array of materials and resources for painting and drawing, crafting, sculpture, and art and craft products. The studio also features a projector and computers, which enables students to integrate ICT into their creative endeavors.


The School has a Counsellor who conducts weekly individual and group counselling sessions, providing students with timely guidance on personal, emotional, and social matters. Additionally, counselling is also available to parents regarding their child's behavior.

Support Classes

The school also provides special after-school coaching to students who consistently perform poorly in class. These coaching sessions take place in small-sized classrooms, supervised by an Academic In-charge and subject teachers, to provide concentrated attention to students with special academic needs. This approach helps students understand concepts and apply them effectively.

Online Services

The digital platform of the school facilitates convenient access to important school updates, including notifications, schedules, attendance records, academic happenings, grades, tasks, and financial records. It allows for efficient communication among students, parents or guardians, teachers, and school staff through an online interface.

Admission Guidelines


  • For Kindergarten (KG), students should be at least 5 years’ old. Enrollment is on first-come-first-basis if other criteria are met.
  • For Class I and above, should there be any vacancy, the child must have successfully completed the earlier Grade.

Application Forms

Application Forms for admission are available at the School Office and also online at www. Applicants should submit these Forms duly filled in with all supporting documents by the given deadline.

Admission Test

Getting through the Test – written & oral – is compulsory. This screening appropriately assesses a child’s language skills – English & Nepali, numeric comprehension – Mathematics and other abilities to determine his or her school readiness.

Parents’ Interview

The School invariably conducts an Interview of the parents of the applicant. The Interview is held on the same day as the child’s Admission Test.


The results are strictly based on the order of merit and normally declared the very next day of the Admission Test and Parents’ Interview.


Successful applicants shall be enrolled as bona fide Triyog students on the completion of this process alongside the payment of admission fees to the School’s bank account.

Note: Admission Forms can also be submitted ONLINE here