Triyog High School



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Triyog High School, a private English Medium School was founded in 1987 AD, with a handful of students, by a small group of Nepalese women concerned with providing the girls of Nepal with quality education. The School is committed to a sound education based on all round development of ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘soul’ of its students. 

Twenty two years down the line, it has grown into one of the premier co-ed institutions in the country, with 1300 students and boasting a staff size of 170. In this present age where concerned parents are constantly seeking to send their children abroad for higher education, a need was felt to provide these parents with some solace in the form of a quality school in their midst.

With over two decades of experience in the education field, Triyog feels matured enough to foray into the field of higher education. What further encouraged the School to step towards this direction is the success achieved by students in their quest for higher education worldwide. The School regularly gets encouraging feedback from its ex-students who are scattered all over the world and takes pride in our students’ achievement in different universities in UK, USA, Australia and India not to speak of back home.

Triyog High School has always tried to spell the difference between mere education and ‘quality’ education. Its effort lies in making a person educated rather than knowledgeable. It strives to extend knowledge beyond what is provided in the books towards building up curious, inquisitive, ethically and morally sound citizens who can become agents of social change in their country and learn to use their freedom judiciously.

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