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Kathmandu BernHardt College Welcome Program 2079

March 13, 2023
Last updated March 16, 2023
Kathmandu BernHardt College Welcome Program 2079
KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu BernHardt College Bafal held a grand welcome program on 27/11/2079 to greet the new students enrolled in the academic year 2079/80. The program was chaired by Ms. Salina Gurung, a student of the sixth semester of CSIT, and inaugurated by the Chairperson of the campus management committee, Mr. Bhupesh Chhatkuli by lighting the panas.

During the program, the Campus Chief, Mr. Sahdev Sigdel, highlighted the various extracurricular activities (ECA) of the college. The Director and Head of ECA, Mr. Rama Chandra Thapa, coordinated various musical performances presented by the students. Additionally, medals and certificates were awarded to the students who placed first, second, and third in the annual games.

In the program, Jai Shyam Patel, the vice president of Bernhardt IT Club, presented the work done by the club in the field of IT. The club has been actively working to promote technological advancements and educate students about the latest developments in the IT industry.

The welcome program was a huge success and provided an opportunity for the new students to interact with their seniors and learn about the college's various activities. The management committee expressed their commitment to provide a nurturing environment for the students to grow academically, professionally, and personally.

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