The objective of BSc CSIT program at BernHardt is to offer intensive courses in the theory, design, programming and application of computers. The graduate from this program will be equipped with necessary knowledge of computer software system and functional knowledge of hardware system. The program equally focuses on service courses to meet the need of high technology applications like-operating system, computer networks, software engineering, simulation and modeling, database system, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, web technologies. 


In the 21st century, computing technology plays an increasingly important role in every aspect of the society. The Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) provides students with an understanding of fundamental computer science concepts coupled with applied information technology skills to prepare them for careers in computing technology industries. The CSIT major offers a unique blend of computer science theory and information technology practice. Students in this program begin their education by taking a set of common core courses to establish a sound foundation of computer science and information technology. The students then build upon this foundation by selecting software engineering, networking and security, database management system as their concentration. Throughout the program, students learn fundamental computing and information technology concepts while applying their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

In addition to the computer science skills and abilities, students gain an understanding of the human side of computing, the social, ethical and global issues related to technology and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively through project-based coursework.

  • Information Technology–IT can be used potentially in every sector of any organizations.
  • The IT industry today stands at maximum growth and most-sought-for demand for core IT professional
  • The demand of IT intellectuals has been rising dramatically worldwide such that the need of IT professional simply outnumbers the supply.
  • The importance of qualified IT professionals keeps on growing in each year globally.

Why Kathmandu BernHardt College?

BernHardt realizes the importance of IT management study and helps to enforce the strength of this study so as to benefit our young aspirants to become the successful IT mangers/programmers in the future. To achieve this noble objective, BSc. CSIT program at BernHardt specially attempts in the following aspects:

  • Internships in different IT & IT administrating companies.
  • Preferences for Seminars & other IT related project works.
  • Frequent Research & Presentations.
  • Outstanding faculty with proven experience and professional exposure.
  • Fully equipped computer and digital laboratories.
  • Frequent assessments and prompt feedback.
  • Educational excursions in related places.
  • Career counseling for job placement.
  • Enhancing learning environment.