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IOE's BE Entrance Exam Rescheduled to Kartik 14

October 07, 2023
Last updated October 08, 2023
IOE's BE Entrance Exam Rescheduled to Kartik 14
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The Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering Studies has officially announced the rescheduled date for the entrance examination for graduate-level programs, including Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Bachelor of Architecture (BArch). The latest notice issued by the Chairman of the Examination Board, Sushil Bajracharya, confirms that the examination will now commence on Kartik 14, 2080 (October 31, 2023).

The examination, originally set to take place on Bhadra 25, faced delays due to student protests.

This announcement comes after several adjustments to the examination date. The Dean's Office issued a notification to postpone the examination twice, citing ongoing concerns and discussions within the Institute of Engineering.

Fees Updated for BE and BArch

One significant update revealed in the Dean's Office notice pertains to the examination fees. The Committee has decided to revise the fee structure, which will be effective for the next four years. As of now, the fees for the graduate entrance exam stand at NPR 56,700 for regular applicants, NPR 490,000 for full fee paying category and NPR 1,313,500 for foreign students.

New Admission Form Deadline for BE and BArch Entrance Exam

Additionally, remaining candidates who qualify for fee exemptions will be required to submit their entrance exam forms online during the period from Ashoj 22nd to 24th. For further details and comprehensive information regarding the examination and fee structure, applicants are encouraged to refer to the notification published on the entrance examination board's website, which will be available on Ashoj 21, 2080 (October 7, 2023), Sunday.

Prospective students and stakeholders are advised to stay informed about any further developments and updates related to the graduate entrance examination for BE and BArch programs at Tribhuvan University.

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