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IEC Designers Runway 12' Concludes in Style

September 17, 2023
IEC Designers Runway 12' Concludes in Style

The 2020 batch of IEC College of Art and Fashion recently wrapped up their 'IEC Designers Runway 12' fashion show. The event took place at the Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu on a Friday, where Soma models confidently strutted down the runway, captivating both local and global spectators.

At the event, models elegantly showcased creatively designed outfits in 11 distinct sequences. This entailed 25 models presenting the clothing collections of 51 different designers.

In the sequence known as 'Illumine Aller' at Fashion Soma, various celebrities including Swastima Khadka, Aanchal Sharma, Samarpan Karki, former Miss Nepal Namrata Shrestha, and Ashmi Shrestha graced the runway as show stoppers. This segment featured captivating themes such as 'Blink Tales,' 'The Broken Column,' 'Revival Metamorphosis,' 'Homage to Stolen Artifacts,' 'Phase Delalun,' 'Mojolica,' 'Aviana,' 'Fungai,' 'Underwater Scape,' and 'Floral Appreciation.' Notable figures from the fashion world, including Shailaja Adhikari of IEC Group and renowned Soca Choreographer Puran Chhetri, were also in attendance at the event.

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