Grade 12 Examination to Start From Shrawan 31: NEB


July 20, 2021

National Examination Board (NEB) had decided to conduct final examination of grade 12 from Shrawan 31 to Bhadra 9. Similarly the Board has also deciced that the examination will be conducted from 10:45 am till 1:45 pm. 

The decision comes after the COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) waved a green flag to schedule the final examination said a correspondent from the board.

The board has also decided that the final examination will carry a 100% weightage in overall scores. NEB cited the inefficiency of the scoring pattern of last year's final examination in deciding to go with this format.

Last year, the final written examination only carried a total of 40%  weightage, while overall scores of grade 11 carried the other 40% weightage and internal evaluation carried the remaining 20% weightage.  

As per the Examination Control Office, this year a total of three hundred thousand and eighty six students have filled the application forms.