Felicitations at DAV College Second Graduation Ceremony

Press Release

December 30, 2019
Last updated October 10, 2021

Kathmandu: To mark the successful pass out of the 13th batch of BBS and BBA student of DAV College, a self hosted graduation ceremony was organized by the college at Aloft Kathmandu in Thamel on Saturday. 

Held at the Sankalan Hall of the venue, the event was chaired by the honorable chairman of the college — Mr. Anil Kedia himself with respected Mr. Saurabh Jyoti (Chairman of Syakar Company, Director of Jyoti Group) as the key note speaker. Seated alongside were the guests of honors who consisted of known individuals like Mr. Krishna Lal Maharjan (President, Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Ms. Anju Pant (Head HRD and Training, Bank of Kathmandu), Mr. Mohan Ojha (Managing Director, Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd.), Asso. Prof. Dr. Manoj K Chaudhary (Chief Academic Advisor, D.A.V. College), Mr. Rojish Shakya (Program In-charge, D.A.V. College) and Mr. Samrat Mainali (Program Co-ordinator, D.A.V. College).  The ceremony was the second of its kind and included the members of the college faculty and all the respective students along with their parents. 

A total of thirty nine and sixty four students from the BBS (yearly) and BBA (semester) faculties were felicitated with the graduation gowns and certificates for their academic achievements respectively by the chairman of the college. Enrolled in 2015, both the faculties of students had completed their four years of studies. 

The program started out with a welcome speech by Mr. Rojish Shakya and was followed by a speech by Dr. Manoj K Chaudhary and Mr. Krishna Lal Maharjan. After this, a video collage (titled ‘Odyssey’) of the students’ journey throughout their academic timeline was shown in two adjacent projectors. The conclusion of this followed by the students’ exclamatory reactions to several memorable images on the screens was succeeded by a motivational speech by the key note speaker Mr. Saurabh Jyoti. This was then followed by a distribution of their respective certificates to the students along with a token of love for each by the chairman himself. In succession, gold medals for the title ‘Batch Topper Award’ was handed out to Priya Sunuwar (BBA Class of 2015) and Rahisha Tamrakar (BBS Class of 2015) respectively. After this, two fresher students — Priya Sunuwar (BBA class of 2019) and Kalyani Kunwar (BBS class of 2019) — shared their experiences as students at the college. 

The ceremony was closed with the distribution of token of love to each of the panel guests by the chairman and his moving speech to the students, their parents and everyone present at the venue. A token of love was also handed out to Ms. Ningwa Sharma Rai, MC of the program. 

“As our students graduate from our college, I have a strong belief that they have learned to face their challenges ahead with knowledge as well as wisdom. Their results have shown the same and I wish that they keep on pursuing their understanding of the paradigm shift in the present world economy and use that earned knowledge to establish themselves as successful individuals. We are very proud of them at the moment.”

  • Mr. Anil Kedia, Chairman – DAV College  

“I can see a lot of VVIPs sitting in front of me, as very few students in our country get the privilege to be a part of such an excellent academic program. I can see that their future is very bright and believe that they would someday contribute to their society with their works as well.” 

  • Mr. Saurav Jyoti, Chairman – Syakar Company ; Director- Jyoti Group 

“A lot of students are going abroad these days from Nepal for their further studies, which leaves the parents wondering about their social lives ahead. I believe that the presence of a qualitative education such as this would help solve such problems that we face every year.”  

  • Mr. Krishna Lal Maharjan, President – Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“We have been eagerly waiting to celebrate this day in the recent times and are confident that via our college’s value based programs, our graduates have developed a confident character, a cutting edge capacity and are ready to accept any sort of challenges in their career ahead.” 

  • Asso. Prof. Dr. Manoj K Chaudhary, Chief Academic Advisor - D.A.V. College 

“I personally felt that the academic level of the students skyrocketed this year as compared to the past and believe that the graduates would continue progressing in their career days ahead.” 

  • Mr. Rojish Shakya, Program In-charge, D.A.V. College