LLM Entrance Exam - TU

LL.M. is a two-year post graduate program started by the Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University in 1996, the year the graduate phasing out of PCL (Proficiency certificate Level in Law) and B.L. (Bachelor in Law) was completed.

LL.M course aims to open career opportunities in Jurisprudence, academics, legal scholarship, legal consultations and other legal areas requiring competent manpower. The coursework LLM can focus in one of several areas of specialization such as Environmental Law, Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and International Law.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Imparting legal knowledge befitting our socio-cultural and developmental priorities,
  • Producing competent manpower in the field of jurisprudence,
  • Instilling in students a sense of social, national and global responsibilities
  • Achieving legal excellence with international and indigenous understanding,
  • Promoting legal research.
  • Preparing competent manpower, legal scholars and jurists; academicians to enter professional fields of Law teaching, research, judicial and governmental services, and providing legal counseling in public and private enterprises.
Exam Date: May 04, 2024 05:15
Normal Fee: Rs. 1,600
Late Fee: Rs. 3,200
Opens at  2024-03-26
Closes at   2024-04-23
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: N/A
Exam Type: Paper-based
Question Type: N/A
Number of Questions: N/A
Duration:3 hours
Negative Marking: N/A


Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in law are eligible for admission to this course, with a maximum intake of 50 students determined through selection via the entrance exam from the pool of applicants for this program.

Out of the 50 seats available, 14 are reserved exclusively for admission purposes, with three allocated for women, three for Indigenous/Janjati groups, two for Madheshi, one for Dalit, one for disabled individuals, one for those from backward areas, and three for foreigners. No economic privileges are applicable to eligible students seeking admission to reserved seats.

The entry requirement for the LL.M. program is a B.L. or LL.B. degree, with a compulsory entrance test. Annually, 50 students are admitted, with 45 selected through merit-based exams. Additionally, two seats are reserved for the top two female candidates in the entrance exam, while three seats are designated for foreign nationals.

The entrance exam is the same for both 4 Semesters and 6 Semesters Programme.The successful applicant can choose either 4 Semesters or 6 Semesters Programme.


Admission Rules for 2-Year LL.M.

The admission of a two-year LL.M. opens generally with other masters’ degree programmes of the Tribhuvan University. Students seeking admission to this programme can apply while the Faculty announces for admission. Applicants seeking admission should face entrance exam except foreigners. The language of entrance exam is either in English or Nepali. Jurisprudence for Bachelor of Laws is considered as the syllabus for LL.M. entrance exam.


Nature of Questions

Marks allocated




Objective Questions

50 x 1= 50

50 min



Subjective Questions:

a. Long answer question

b.Short answer questions

c. Short notes

1 x 20 = 20

2 x 10 = 20

2 x 5 = 10

2.10 hrs

Knowledge of Jurisprudence

In terms of grading, each theoretical subject carries a 100% weightage, divided into 60% for the external exam administered by the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Law, and 40% for internal evaluation.

Required Testimonials

While applying for entrance examination students shall submit the copies of following documents:

  • Certificate and mark-sheet/transcript of Bachelor of Laws
  • Character Certificate,
  • Migration Certificate (if applicable)
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Other required documents