Workshop on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking: College of Applied Business​

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2019-11-05 - 2019-11-06

Gangahiti, Chabahil, Kathmandu (CAB Premises)

College of Applied Business, in collaboration with Shaastra event IIT Madras is going to organize "Workshop on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking" from 5th November to 6th November 2019 at CAB premises. 

Interested other than college students also can apply for participation. 

Registration Fee: Rs. 1600


Er. Kamal Acharya (IT Co-ordinator) 9841640951

Participating Colleges (1)

College of Applied Business (CAB)College of Applied Business (CAB)Gangahity, Dhobikhola, Kathmandu01-4462736, 01-4476119, 9860041587