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College of Applied Business (CAB) founded in 1998 AD by a group of experienced educationists and professionals is a non-profit institution committed to excellence. The college believes that competent and excellent manpower is the pre requisite for overall development of the nation.

CAB has been applying appropriate module and the technique in the teaching curricula so as to make students competent in their fields. The methods such as seminars, research and industrial observation tours that are regular features of the College have been highly successful in enhancing the knowledge and personality of the students. Moreover, the methods applied by CAB have been amply justified by the consistent high success rate achieved by its students in university final examinations.

As an institution affiliated with NEB and TribhuvanUniversity (TU), CAB has a choice of programmes to cater to expectations of students. At present it offers 10+2 in Management and 4 undergraduate programmes of TU: BBS, BIM, BBA and B.Sc CSIT.

All CAB classes are kept small so as to facilitate better interaction between students and teachers. The maximum enrollment in a class is for thirty students only. And the College admits only two sections of thirty students each in undergraduate level and above.

Some fifty full-time and part-time teachers constitute the College Faculty. The teacher-student ratio is thus highly conducive to individually supervised study. Besides, to expose student with the real business world, the College has been supplementing its theoretical classes by introducing professional managers, scholars and other people from different walks of life as guest lecturers.


The mission of College of Applied Business(CAB) is to empower the youth with truth, knowledge and realities of life and help discover ways to lead a prosperous life in a dignified manner.


  • Making students feel, as members of the community of learners, that they share the values and responsibilities in educational process.
  • Encouraging admission on an equal opportunity basis to students with capacity and motivation to strive for academic excellence.
  • Fostering an educational environment sensitive to the needs of all students and providing facilities that assist students in achieving academic and professional excellence.
  • Providing instructions and conducting research in the areas of business, management and professional field.
  • Pursuing-truth while striving for excellence in teaching and learning, and in creative endeavors.
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Salient features

Facilities at CAB: 


The cafeteria is neat and clean. It serves hygeinic food taking care of the students’ health.

Well facilitated Classrooms

CAB classrooms are specifically designed to facilitate interactive learning. The classes are spacious, well-furnished and airy.

Computer labs

CAB has well-established three Computer Labs with sufficient number of computers. The facility is inter-linked by networking.


CAB has a full internet access and open access Wi-Fi within the College premises. Students are allowed to receive and send e-mail at no cost. However, Internet facility is strictly for reference use only.

Sports and Recreation

Sports facility available at CAB includes Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc. Besides, other recreational activities will also occur in coordination with Student Council.


Transportation at additional cost to and from college is available from various locations in the city.

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Admission guidelines

All students wishing to join College of Applied Business (CAB) should:

  • Secure CAB annual prospectus containing Application Form against a payment of Rs. 500.
  • Return the completed Application Form to the Office of the Principal.
  • Take entrance tests and appear in interview.
  • Attach transcripts of all previous academic degree to the Application Form.

Entrance Test

Students seeking enrolment in CAB are required to submit completed Application Form enclosed in CAB prospectus and take the entrance test on the notified date. The Entrance Test cost is included in the prospectus.

Provisional Admission

Students wishing to join CAB provisionally before the results of their previous examinations are also advised to take Entrance Test. Entrance Test of such students will remain valid if the results of previous examinations are received on or before the last date of admission.


Successful students must pay necessary annual fees and deposits, and register their names within the period given in the academic calendar. Only the remaining seats will be allocated to the candidates on waiting list. No request for registration shall be entertained after closure of admission on the date given in the academic calendar.

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Scholarship information

Principal's Scholarship

One scholarship in each level for a year is available for the students securing highest marks above 65% in the BBS 1st Year, and above 70% in Class XI Final Examinations. Likewise, one scholarship is awarded for the duration of Second Semester to the student securing highest grade above SGPA 3.7 in the First Semester. However, students getting such scholarships must pass with at least 70% in all the tests, including unit tests for the scholarship to continue. Likewise, such scholarship will be awarded to the student securing highest marks in Second Semester upto the Seventh Semester.

Principal's Scholarship 'B'

covering 50% tuition fee for one student securing second highest marks, above 65 %, in BBS and Class XI final examinations, and to one student securing second highest grade above SGPA 3.7 in the Semester examination. Likewise, scholarships will be awarded to the student securing second highest marks in Second Semester upto Seventh Semester.

Principal's Scholarship 'C'

covering 25% tuition fee to two students securing marks next to those, receiving the above scholarship in each of the above-mentioned classes. Likewise, scholarships will be awarded to the student securing third and fourth highest marks in Second Semester upto Seventh Semester. This scholarship will not be given to those scoring less than SGPA 3.7.

However, students getting such scholarship/s must pass all tests, including unit tests and work on all seminars for the scholarship to continue.

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Message from College

Ramesh Pandey picture

Mr. Ramesh Pandey


The focus of College of Applied Business is to prepare students be active in life until fifty years hence, and remain successful, independent and self-reliant. For this objective, she has adopted diverse teaching standard and pedagogies continuously for the last eighteen years. Here she not only teaches how to pass, but also encourages the students how to be high percentile, encourages as well to develop intra-personal communication efficiency through fieldwork, mass communications, etc under regular presentation programs. She provides ample relaxing hours to them so that the need of study shall not haunt them unlike many other colleges. She does not teach six days a week but runs classes for four days. Under this program, she does not teach all five subjects (papers) required in a semester, but limits to two to three (classes) only as far as possible during the four days, which relaxes them to spend their time for personal utility purposes. Her results, by far from any standard, ar
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