Development Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences A sub-discipline of Humanities and Social Sciences
Development Studies

Development studies is an interdisciplinary field of social science as well as a study and teaching field that concentrates on 'development.' Development Studies aims to improve development tools, practices, and policies in a normative and purposeful way, as well as to critique these tools, practices, and policies, as well as wider change processes.

Development studies also involves critical reflection on development goals and how they are achieved in order to improve policies, techniques, and outcomes.

Law, Anthropology, Sociology, Gender, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, Human Geography, Critical Historical Studies, Environmental Humanities, Indigenous Studies, and Decolonial and Postcolonial Studies, as well as some technical and natural sciences, are all part of Development Studies. The methodological and theoretical rigor of Development Studies is enhanced by collaboration across various fields.

Why Development Studies?

  • In recent years, political economy analysis, or the application of economics' analytical skills to try to evaluate and explain political and social variables that either stimulate or hinder growth, has grown in popularity as a method of evaluating reform success or failure.
  • A degree in this dynamic and rapidly changing field will prepare you for a career in government, assistance, non-profit, or humanitarian agencies. You may make a significant difference in the world by working to improve communities around you if you pursue a career in Development Studies. The degree gives you the educational background to work with some of the leading organisations addressing the most pressing challenges in the world.
  • Another advantage of majoring in development studies is that you will be taught by some of the leading experts in development theory and practice. Students participating in development courses learn from exceptional practitioners in a number of fields since international development covers such a broad spectrum of issues.
  • Development studies also extends your horizons in terms of what's going on in the globe. International development courses allow you to look at current challenges and come up with creative solutions.